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Content creation is one of the best parts of online business! This is how you’ll get to express your unique vision, how your audience will get to know and love you, and how your brand becomes something bigger than you. This will represent who you are (Becoming), what you sell (Servicing), and it’s how you’ll sell it (Strategy). I create all my content in one of three categories: Story (sharing part of my story), Strategy (sharing part of my strategy), or Success (sharing one of my successes or one of my clients successes.)

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Want direct information on how I suggest BECOMING? Download the journal that accompanies the Leah Gervais Methodology. It’s free!

In this download, you’ll get the prompts I suggest to support, you’ll hear my personal experience moving through this stage, and put your own transformation into motion.

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  1. LeadPages. (referral link.) We use and love LeadPages for all of our landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages, and just about anything else you could dream up for creating valuable content!
  2. 3 Ways to Use Content to Stand OutCheck out one of my favorite Instagram posts on our account that shares three tips for standing out online.
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