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VIP Intensives

VIP Intensives

There is no greater gift to yourself than a whole, uninterrupted day focused on your biggest passions, supporting your transformation and accelerating even your biggest goals, and you deserve it!

In-Person VIP Intensives

Why an intensive...?

There is no greater gift to yourself than a whole, uninterrupted day focused on your biggest passions, supporting your transformation and accelerating even your biggest goals. 

A day-long intensive is uniquely powerful for three reasons:

1- A unique gift of time limits lifted. Even in 1:1 coaching, you have the limit of time.
2- A unique gift of focus. Shut out all other distractions and focus solely on yourself.
3- A unique gift of commitment. When you commit to a full-day intensive and all the preparation that comes with it, you majorly commit to yourself.

This is all about you investing one day in yourself to achieve massive, long-lasting results. When is the last time you allowed yourself that level of focus and dedication?

This is your chance to do so, and in a luxurious environment!

Within these intensives, we’ll be able to achieve the type of deep transformation and strategy that typically takes months and months of coaching. 

From the in-depth Welcome Pack information, our call to map out the day in detail, the six hours of coaching throughout the day, your commitment to yourself, weeks of support after (to make sure you implement everything!) and a final wrap up call, this opportunity is your chance to ensure a quantum leap in your business and your income.

And, once you sign up, you’ll also receive access to three of my in-depth programs; Scale Your Side Hustle, Limitless List, and the $5,000 Side Hustle Month ecourse. Never guess “how-to” again!

Categories of Focus:

(Suggested, these are flexible and will be customized based on your business and goals)

Monthly Income Acceleration

Believe it or not, you have, at this very moment, the complete and total power to add a 0 to the end of your monthly income. Whether you’re making $300 per month and want to jump to $3,000, or you’re making $1,000 and are ready to lep to $10,000, I can help you make that leap.

A jump in income comes from a mix of internal and external growth. That type of focused, specific transformation is exactly what day-long intensives are for. This will help you identify the external systems and structures, as well as your internal beliefs and thought patterns that need to shift to reach your income goal.

How good would it feel to leave our day together and have:

  • A complete breakdown of the sales you need to make in order to hit your goal

  • A list of multiple, specific ways to find the customers and clients you need to make this happen

  • A sales strategy set out and fine-tuned for your social media, emails and website

  • A clear understanding of what thought patterns and limiting beliefs are currently holding you back

  • Tools to handle your self-inflicting obstacles, and confidence in how to move forward in spite of them

  • Finally- the relief and sureness that your dreams are coming true, and the roadmap straight to them. No more just hoping!

List-Building and Email Marketing Systems

Having worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses owners around the world, I have seen the incredible power of sales and passive income that comes with a sophisticated, largely automated email marketing system.

I also see this strategy as one of the things that’s most often put to the bottom of the “to-do” list for so many, continually noting that they’ll get to it… eventually.

Let’s make eventually today, and master your email strategy once and for all.

How would it feel to leave our day together and have:

  • Multiple streams of passive income sales funnels

  • Sequences that fully engage your ideal subscribers and turn them into customers

  • Systems in place to constantly track who on your list is engaged and how to purge those that are unresponsive (and costing you money)

  • A blueprint of your email communications for the next 6-12 months

  • Pre-drafted sales emails for all of your products and services

  • A clear vision for how your email marketing will skyrocket your business and income- finally! 

What clients have said

Ines Schuber

Working with Leah was a game changer and the best thing that happen to me all year!

From our first phone talk I was convinced that Leah would deliver exactly what I needed: meaning a strategic plan in order to create my online business while still having a 9 to 5 job. I have never met such a driven, positive and well organize entrepreneur women! It’s because I want to become like her that I decided to join her program and truly I couldn’t be happier to have decided to invest in myself and work with her. If you are lost and need precise guidance on how to set up a profitable side or even main hustle, and need someone who will show you the way and empower you along the way, Leah is THE coach you need!" - Ines Schuber, Vegan and Fitness Coach


7 weeks into SYSH, I have landed my first client for 1:1 coaching for $600!

"I joined SYSH with a business idea I loved, a decent website, 0 clients, 0 email subscribers and 0 Instagram followers with no idea where to go next. Within the first two weeks, I had a 90 day and 6 month plan put together, broken down into weeks and days. I had a weekly call, Leah, and a Side Hustle buddy to give feedback and keep me accountable. Fast-forward to 7 weeks into SYSH, I have landed my first client for 1:1 coaching for $600 and my email list is over 400. And that's not it: my Instagram followers (less important than email, remember!) are around 300, I have interviewed people in my industry, attended a local female entrepreneurship event. connected with a young CEO to mentor me, built a second sleeker website, and gotten a freelance client outside of my side hustle." - Tanya Neufeld, Consultant for Young Professionals

ZeinaMarrush0012 (2)

Leah has been hands down, the best decision I made for my business.

"Leah lit my soul on fire and I knew I had to work 1:1 with her. It has been hands down, the best decision I made for my business and the value she consistently provides has far surpassed the investment cost to work with her. She continually inspires me, challenges me, pushes me, and motivates me and I can’t imagine being where I am in my business today without her support. Leah has helped me build my business from an idea to a thriving brand. Building a business has its challenges and in those tough moments Leah has been there to see my ugly cry (several times) and offer words of encouragement, which I really appreciate. I feel like I’m not just working with a business coach, but I’m working with a good friend as well. If you’re looking for a sign that you should work with Leah, this is the sign. Do it!!" - Zeina Marrush, Love and Relationship Coach


Leah is a constant source of knowledge and support for side hustlers!

"Leah has helped me in countless ways with my business and side-hustle. I met Leah in a Facebook group a little over year ago and she quickly became a source of knowledge, support, and accountability for me. From her courses, to her workbooks, to her live videos, and now her side-hustle program, I’m continuing to learn from her every single day! This girl has it all and has given me the confidence and the knowledge I need to excel in my business and side hustles. Urban 20 Something has been a go to resource for me over the past year and it’s a huge bonus that Leah is one of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve ever known. She’s always willing to go out of her way to answer questions, provide more clarity, and even to just chat about life! I cannot say enough amazing things about Leah and everything she does!" - Anna McNaught, Digital Artist and Instagram Teacher