VIP Intensives
with Leah Gervais

There’s no better gift to yourself and your business than a completely uninterrupted, supportive space to dive deep into your dreams, create a strategy and see it come to life. 

My VIP Intensives are a mix of the sexy business strategy you’ve been craving, in a “vision board come to life” type setting. 

This combination allows you to dream bigger than you could’ve imagined, but ensures it doesn’t just stay a pipe dream.

We create the space, follow up included, to get specific about what you can do, and who you need to be to make things happen.

What's a VIP Intensive?

Be it a day, a weekend, or a few hours, these intensives are designed to get you out of your day-to-day and into the space of your biggest vision.

Even the most efficient of entrepreneurs or mommiest of moms get caught up in the daily demands and tasks of life. There’s nothing wrong them… we often choose them (if we’re lucky!)

But by definition, our daily lives don’t support space or room for our ideation, visioning, creative thinking, and most importantly, planning those big visions.

The woman who either has, or knows she wants, a seven-figure business, well-oiled machine of a business, and total presence in the things in life that matter to her (like luxury travel, her favorite exercise routine, her steamy marriage or being a hands on mother) knows that time for reflection, ideation and intention are critical.

Are you that woman?

These are for you. Keeping reading…

VIP Days


  • Six hours of in-person coaching
  • A kick-off coaching call before the day
  • Massage or self-care appointment after the day
  • Night in a five-star hotel
  • One month of follow up email support directly to Leah

Investment: $10,000 

Current Availability: 

  • December 2022 in Chicago, Illinois
  • January 2023 in Orlando, Florida

Sample of the day:

9:30 AM: Meet, set intentions, connect before we dive into the day. 

9:45 AM- 11:00 AM: Working session with big picture ideas. Reconnecting with your vision and seeing what’s next.

11:00- 11:15 AM: Coffee break with some breath work.

11:15- 12:30 PM: Working session that’s all about clearing. Clearing the people, places, things and tasks that aren’t serving you. This isn’t done in a cold way, but with solutions you’ve never thought of.

12:30- 1:30 PM: Delicious and gourmet lunch at the restaurant of a five-star hotel, a Soho House location, or Michelin star restaurant.

1:30- 2:00 PM: Cookie and champagne break with a change of scenery. We switch to a rooftop bar or lounge area. 

2:00- 3:30 PM: Working session focused on clarity and strategy. What exactly needs to be done to put these visions into motion? Leaving no stone left unturned. Closing reflections, cocktails and gifts. 

VIP Experiences

My client celebrated a $230k Month, here's how she did it...

Day 1:

  • Start with a meditation at Notre Dame
  • Lunch (working session) on the roof at Le George
  • Private tour of the Louvre
  • Macaroons and coffee at Ladurée (working session)
  • Shop at Christian Louboutin
  • Dinner (working session)

Day 2:

  • Brand photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower (you get all photos)
  • Croissants and coffee to debrief (working session)
  • Lunch under the Eiffel Tower at Monsieur Bleu (working session)
  • Boat tour through the Seine (working session)
  • Naps and croissant break
  • Night out in Le Marais, light work talk

Day 3:

  • Massages at the Dior Spa in the Plaza Athenee
  • Shop at Chanel down the street
  • Coffee and croissants at the Soho House (working session)
  • Working session on the steps of Montmarte
  • Late lunch (working session)
  • Champagne to close out the weekend

Investment: $30,000- $50,000

Includes: Three days of in-person coaching together, three nights at five-star hotel, two 1:1 coaching calls before and after the day, a month of follow up email support, and a pair of Louboutins 😉

VIP Intensive

During these power sessions, we spend three hours evaluating a specific part of your business that you want to uplevel. Some examples could be power planning a launch, mapping out a quarterly or monthly goal, or envisioning a new program or offering.

These are typically done from 1-4 PM at a Soho House location in NYC.

Sample of the intensive:

  • Session 1: We get clear on the intention you have for the day. What made you book this and what’s standing in your way? What limits aren’t you seeing? What solutions can I offer that you haven’t been able to see?
    We have a delicious lunch while we go over this.
  •  Session 2: We strategize and get extremely specific about what needs to happen for this to play out. What’s the specifics of your tasks? Who on your team is doing them? What’s the timeline like? What daily practices and affirmations do you need to see this through?
    We enjoy fresh chocolate chip cookies and tea during this.

Investment: $3,500

Includes: Breakfast or lunch at the Soho House, three hours of intensive work, and pre-approved agenda by you.




“Leah was able to help me execute the vision into a structured, goal oriented and creative plan. With her leadership, accountability and empowerment I have been able to ensure that I’m upholding the values that are important to make my business the experience that my clients deserve. She has been a constant reminder to remember my worth and the value that I have to my clients in the moments where I may have felt guilty about ideal pricing or availability. Since starting my work with Leah in May, I have been able to create a 10k monthly revenue on top of my full time job. I’m so proud to say that i’m leaving my full time job to work for a 6-figure business that I created for myself within 3 months.” – Mary Tate


“Prior to working with Leah, I was treating my business as a hobby. I was feeling stressed because I was lacking the consistency that my business deserved. I had this inner knowing of what I was meant to do, but fear was holding me in a space where I was playing it safe. Now I realize the impact of my gifts and talents and the way I am meant to follow our passion wholeheartedly. 

I have realized over $15,000 in sales. I have become visible on social media, podcasts, in publications. I have established partnerships with law firms and networked with key professionals. I am thrilled to be continuing my work with Leah. She is an amazing woman with a sharp business mind, savvy technology sense, vibrant energy, and an incredible heart.” – Shannon McGorry

Shannon McGorry is the founder of Love, Strength, and Grace


“I’ve leveled up in entrepreneurship and made back my investment. Leah is such a kind soul who truly wants to see you succeed and helps you mentally & tactically. After working with her, I was able to launch a new website, launch my new ebook and ecourse, travel full-time and have clarity in my business direction with the support of other successful entrepreneurs. Her guidance is SO worth the investment every time, you won’t regret it! Thank you, Leah!” – Danielle Hu


“Working with Leah changed not only my business, but my life. I went from a stressed out, overworked freelance writer to a five-figure month entrepreneur in less than 30 days. For me, Leah’s mix of mindset and tactical advice was exactly what I needed to both give myself the permission and plan to create the success I always dreamed of. Throughout our time together, I went from $3K to $20K months, connected with the types of clients I always hoped to work with, and perhaps most importantly, realized how much I really had to offer.” – Dylan Essertier

Dylan Grace Success Story with Leah Gervais