Side Hustle Strategy Session

Thank you for your interest in a Side Hustle Strategy Sessions!

You’re in good hands.

Your side hustle

That’s what we’re both here for.
Let me guess…

You want to start making money outside of your 9-5 job but feel like there’s no way you have the time?

You want to begin hustling but are paralyzed with the overflow of information?

You WANT to start but don’t know WHERE to begin?

Or maybe you have a side hustle and…

You want to boost your side income?

You want to make it your full-time hustle?


I can help.

I’m Leah and my online business is dedicated to helping passionate, driven young professionals (like you!) start and boost thriving side hustles. We’re not just talking an extra $10/hour babysitting (though I am a fan of that as a side hustle!). If you want to see real results and build real wealth, I can help.

“Leah does outstanding work. I’ve learned so much from her work on side hustling and her posts. I’m so grateful I’ve now developed my own career coaching side hustle!” – Adam Fitzpatrick

I know your time is precious. You work a day job and probably already dedicate so much of your “free” time to your side hustle. I get it. I understand you and I am you! That’s why this one hour Side Hustle Strategy Session¬†is just what you need to take that next step in your goals, finances, and hustle without draining your resources.

What you’ll get:

  1. A 60-minute strategy phone call.
  2. Prepping of an agenda prior to the call so you’re sure we’re covering your most pressing questions.
  3. A follow-up email within 48 hours with all the tools, tips, and techniques you need to go forward- something you can refer to time and time again!

The fine print:

This Side Hustle Strategy Session is a 60-minute call in a time slot agreed up on by you and me. Payment in full of $47 is required before the call via PayPal.  Please note that while I am fully confident in my ability to give you actionable, proven advice to boost your side hustle, results are not guaranteed.

How to sign up: