Service-Based Sales

With Leading Online Business Coach Leah Gervais

Timeless sales content with live sales coaching.

Picture this: an amazing potential new client reaches out to you TODAY. 

You’ve peeked at their Instagram, and you already know you’d love to work with them. And frankly, making money would feel really good too! It’s a win-win for everybody. 

Now for the tough question: 

Are you confident that you could close that sale? Paperwork signed? Deposit headed to your bank account? First client call on the calendar?  

If not, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. I promise. It just means that — like most entrepreneurs — you never actually learned how to sell.

Does this sounds like you?

  • You wanted a business of your own because it meant freedom, abundance, and fun! You’ve never given the “selling” part much thought.
  • You’ve considered putting out your next (or first) offer, but honestly? You’re just not sure if anyone would buy it.
  • When someone says the word “sales,” your brain automatically goes to a pushy used car salesman. NOT a good look! 
  • You’re doing well enough to get by, so why learn how to sell now? It just doesn’t seem that important.

Hi, I’m Leah!

Just like you, I started my business with a vision for an epic life...and absolutely no formal sales training whatsoever.

You know how when you walk into a restaurant, there’s usually a frame on the wall with a dollar bill inside? Well, in my first year as a business owner, I didn’t make a single penny. There were many reasons for this, but the most important one was that I didn’t know how to sell. 

It wasn’t long before I realized that I either needed to figure this out or quit, because you can’t keep doing something forever if it isn’t working. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t meant to keep my business as a dream — I was meant to bring it to life. And that meant I had to find a way to make money at it. 

I started investing in my sales skills because I knew they would pay off. I read books, I took programs, and I hired coaches. And even though I was totally scared, I used what I learned to sell my very first service online: side hustle coaching for $1500. By a year later, I’d added an extra zero to the price it cost to hire me. 

I celebrated my first 6-figure year at 26-years-old at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Today, I run a six-figure per month business from my laptop. And sales was the key that unlocked all of it.

Sales is THE thing that will serve your business — and ultimately, your life — for the long-term.

Who should care about sales?

You should care about sales if….

You’ve been bringing in a few thousand dollars every month, and you’re ready to quantum leap

Just because you’ve grown accustomed to earning a certain amount of money doesn’t mean you have to settle for it. Your income growth is only limited by the beliefs you hold and the knowledge you possess. Inside Service-Based Sales, you’ll uplevel both. 

You’ll take what’s already working in your business, and you’ll strengthen it. Then you’ll laser focus on the gaps in your sales process, and we’ll close them together. The leaks, holes, and places potential clients are falling off? They’ll disappear, leaving you with greater financial stability and a strong foundation you can scale from.

You should care about sales if….

You just left your 9-5 (or you’re trying to)

Sending your resignation email to your boss is one of the most exciting and memorable times in an entrepreneur’s life. It’s when you realize that your business is no longer a pipe dream, and you’re actually able to make money off something you created out of thin air. 

But as joyful as this moment is, it’s also hugely stressful. Suddenly, your ability to make ends meet depends entirely on you. The good news is — if you use this time to study sales, your business will grow more safely and more consistently than if you were left to figure this piece out on your own.

You should care about sales if….

You’re at 6 figures and you’ve never taken an objective look at this part of your business

If you’re honest with yourself, you probably can’t remember the last time you analyzed your sales strategy. You may not even have one to begin with! Maybe you learned what worked by doing it, but what if there was an easier way to get to the level of wealth you desire? 

You’ve probably examined your funnels, your website, and your programs, but have you ever considered how much more might be available to you if you shined a light on your internal processes too? With a solid sales system, your business truly could be limitless.


Go ahead and imagine:

  • Feeling grounded in your business because you’re confident that you can always make more sales
  • Connecting to your natural talents, recognizing your worth and giving yourself permission to monetize it
  • Raising your prices and trusting that you’ll be safe and people will love to pay them
  • Being able to sell on the fly — no perfect sales page, funnel or even completely thought out package necessary
  • Uncovering secret money that already exists in your business — and knowing how to access it
  • Upselling existing clients into another way of working with you, so you don’t lose out as soon as your package ends
  • Selling, not from a place of ickiness, but from a place of service

Sales is a skill that keeps on giving.

The skills you pick up in Service-Based Sales will last much, much longer than the duration of this course. 

These are practical tools and techniques you can stow away and take with you for the entire future of your business. 

They’ll carry you through the next five, ten, fifteen years as an entrepreneur. 

They’ll allow you to earn more money every single time you sell a package or program. 

They’ll be waiting for you at each new level of your business journey.

Are you ready to receive all that’s possible for you — and the people you serve — when you finally embrace it for the gift it truly is?

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Module 1:
Becoming the Entrepreneur Who Sells with Ease

  • Know the sales goal you’re working toward
  • Learn the Law of Giving and Receiving
  • Desire clarity exercises
  • Debunk common sales myths
  • Fears that are coming up

Module 2:
Clarity with the Transformation You Offer and to Whom

  • Clear out anything in your business that isn’t serving you
  • Become aware of your own selling limitations
  • Get clear on the transformation you offer
  • Identify your ideal client

Module 3:
Identifying your Sales Strategy

(High-level look at what type of sales process you need to pursue given your goal)

1- Knowing your audience in this moment
2- Common faulty strategies
3- Action steps depending on your audience

Module 4:

Monetizing Your Transformation

Take your transformation and turn it into offering(s) that allow you to make the absolute most of your offering.

  • Learn how to create offerings on the fly with integrity and in service
  • The way to think about offering suites that most people do wrong
  • My three step sales process for sales calls
  • How to upsell and downsell every time you sell

Module 5:
Create Content that Sells

Learn how to create content using strategies that tap into buying behavior. Never wonder what to post again!

  • See exactly how I create my monthly calendar
  • Learn how to use Facebook Ads to make content evergreen
  • Break down my signature and effective 3 “S” strategy

Module 6:
Marketing + Building Relationships

This week is all about marketing your services successfully! I’m sharing everything that goes into creating live trainings and then actually selling.

  • Learn my formula for successful live videos that result in sales
  • See what I would do if I were to start my business all over again
  • Never wonder how to conduct sales calls again

Module 7:

Making Maximum Impact

Learn the mindset between delivering and over delivering, as well as the mindset to work with clients in an impactful way.
  • How do we over deliver while keeping boundaries?
  • What mindset will create impact for our clients?
  • Our favorite strategies for increasing the CLV of our client.

Module 8:

Get clear about what’s at your next level, what’ would stop you from getting there, and build your new foundation.

  • What are the main reasons people never receive their “uplevel”
  • The real way to see your successes (that no one talks about!)
  • How to have fun with your business and life!


“Before working with Leah: I was working on a business I wasn’t in love with, struggling to make consistent sales, and holding myself back from going all in. After working with Leah: I’ve launched a new business that I’m so passionate about, am making sales consistently with less effort, and am so excited to take my business to the next level. I’ve been able to hit my highest income month yet, even while dealing with personal struggles, have been able to run my business while supporting my family, and have given myself the gift of creating something I love.” – Alyssa Keil


“Before I discovered Leah, I was struggling to fill my programs, have consistent income and felt overwhelmed on what I should be focusing on to build my business. Now my programs are full + still growing, my income has increased and I hit my first 10k+ sales month, and I have learned how to focus my efforts each month on growing my business, which has resulted in me launching my online membership! As a result, I’ve been able to travel + live out West all summer while building my business, to have a group of entrepreneurial women to support me that I didn’t have before, and I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of because I finally have a fully online business!” – Jacquie Smith

What if sales was less about hitting a new income bracket and more about hitting a new level of giving and receiving?

Giving yourself peace of mind that no matter what happens to the economy, you can trust in your ability to make money always 

Receiving the feeling of fulfillment that comes from changing your clients’ lives with the work that you do 

Giving the abundance you earn back out into the world through hiring, investing, and buying 

Receiving money for your gifts and talents — because you absolutely deserve it 

Giving profound levels of transformation through your coaching, consulting, programs, courses or offerings. (Anyone who buys will experience amazing things because of what YOU share with them)

How does Service-Based Sales work?

You’ll receive a level of support that is unparalleled in nearly all group coaching programs found online

You’ll have months of live support from me and our team of highly trained Leah Gervais coaches. I’ll personally walk you through the Leah Gervais Methodology, which has taken our business from square literal zero to hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in a few short years. What’s more — it’s helped countless clients get similar results in their own businesses

Throughout the program, you’ll have 8 new Service-Based Sales module that will demystify a piece of the sales process. From creating sales emails to closing discovery calls, from understanding why people buy to how to overcoming even the toughest objections, your sales process will undergo a head-to-toe makeover. 

Once each module is released, you’ll have time to review and digest it before hopping onto a live group Q&A call with me and the Leah Gervais coaching team. I’ll take you by the hand and offer you customized guidance and coaching through any questions, blocks or “I don’t know what to do’s!” that may come up during our time together

In between calls, you’ll also have access to the private Service-Based Sales Facebook group for additional support whenever you need it. We pride ourselves on capping our courses so we can cultivate a deeply nourishing community where every member is seen and heard. We maintain a generous ratio of staff to students, so we have ample time to connect with everyone in the community’

You will receive:

Eight Sales Training Modules

Eight training modules to give your sales process a head-to-toe makeover. This is some of the best content we’ve ever created and after you go through it, you’ll never wonder where your next sale is coming from again.
(Valued at $4,000)

Mentors have been critical in my journey through college and as a young professional. Click through to learn about my most influential mentors and tips on how to find ones of your own.

Monthly Group Coaching CAlls

Live group coaching calls with Leah to answer all questions on the materials, plan your next launch with you, raise your prices, and any other sales support we can give you!
(Valued at $4,500)

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“Working with Leah changed not only my business, but my life. I went from a stressed out, overworked freelance writer to a five-figure month entrepreneur in less than 30 days. For me, Leah’s mix of mindset and tactical advice was exactly what I needed to both give myself the permission and plan to create the success I always dreamed of. Throughout our time together, I went from $3K to $20K months, connected with the types of clients I always hoped to work with, and perhaps most importantly, realized how much I really had to offer.” – Dylan Essertier

Dylan Grace Success Story with Leah Gervais


“I was still in my 9-5 with EVERY desire to get out. I had credit card debt, and I felt like I was lacking direction…With the support, I was able to tap into my creative mind and develop a couple workshops that are scalable, that I feel like will be my best pool for full-program clients! I feel like I have an actual business now, instead of just a program that I hope people will buy. I officially turned in my two weeks today, and I am going to start actually living the life I want to live — instead of just talking about it!

I have learned how to create a business around what my ideal client wants instead of selling them what I think they need. I have a business I can scale, and options to help clients in various capacities. I finally walked away from my job. NO MORE EXCUSES for not living the life I truly want to live!” – Olivia Talley

This course isn’t for everybody.

Keep your credit card tucked in your purse if:

  • If you have no interest in selling high-ticket packages, then this isn’t the place for you. We’re going to show you how to help people decide to make a bigger investment in your work, so if you’re not open to earning at the 4- or 5-figure mark, then you should skip this program. If you have some mindset blocks to earning that amount, this is normal, and we’ll show you how to overcome them. But if you truly can’t see yourself selling anything for more than $1,000, then please do not enroll in Service-Based Sales.

  • You’re at step .0001 and can’t even imagine what you might want to sell. If you have an idea and you just need it fine-tuned, we can help with that inside Service-Based Sales. But if you truly don’t know what people would pay you for, I recommend starting with another business class first. 

  • You’re in a business where you don’t do any direct selling. We’ll be diving deep into what potential clients are thinking, the objections they may have, what makes them buy, and how you can meet them where they’re at. If you’re selling mugs, T-shirts, or eBooks, you don’t need this level of work. However, if you’re a consultant, course creator, service provider, coach or anyone who speaks to a client or customer, then Service-Based Sales will take you far

On the other hand, if you know in your heart that you can be making more income, serving at a higher threshold, and impacting more lives with your work…

And you’re ready to be coached on whatever is standing your way...

Then you belong inside Service-Based Sales.

Imagine who you can be and what you can accomplish when selling stops feeling “sleazy” and starts feeling like an act of service.

Raise your entrepreneurship game by working with Leah Gervais

Because your life isn’t the only one that’s about to change.

You’ll be able to: 

  • Donate more money to your favorite charity
  • Add a team member or two to help your business grow 
  • Take your mother on that trip of a lifetime to Paris 
  • Invest in the coach or mastermind you’ve been eyeing for months now 
  • Pay off your credit card debt and sock away money for the down payment on your dream house 
  • Touch the hearts of clients all around the world

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“A little over a year ago before I joined Leah’s programs, I felt trapped and disillusioned in my cushy corporate tech job. I knew I wanted to work for myself, but I had no idea where to start or even if I was cut out for entrepreneurship. 9 months after starting my online business under Leah’s guidance, I was able to quit my 9-5 with $5K months, have gone on to make five-figure months and most importantly of all, I can choose where and with whom I work. It’s incredibly freeing and creative. Since quitting, I have been to pursue my passion of yoga spending a month in India, I have started a podcast and hired two wonderful team members to keep building my business.” – Tanya Neufeld


“Two years ago I was working a 9-5 job and living in LA unsure of what was next with my career and business.  Now, I’m working for myself, traveling full time with my husband, and making money doing the things I love most. I’ve been able to spend the past few months traveling without feeling stressed about money, begin a new business with my husband, and wake up each morning ready to conquer the day.” – Anna McNaught


“Prior to working with Leah, I was treating my business as a hobby. I was feeling stressed because I was lacking the consistency that my business deserved. I had this inner knowing of what I was meant to do, but fear was holding me in a space where I was playing it safe. Now I realize the impact of my gifts and talents and the way I am meant to follow our passion wholeheartedly. 

I have realized over $15,000 in sales. I have become visible on social media, podcasts, in publications. I have established partnerships with law firms and networked with key professionals. I am thrilled to be continuing my work with Leah. She is an amazing woman with a sharp business mind, savvy technology sense, vibrant energy, and an incredible heart.” – Shannon McGorry

Shannon McGorry is the founder of Love, Strength, and Grace


“Leah was able to help me execute the vision into a structured, goal oriented and creative plan. With her leadership, accountability and empowerment I have been able to ensure that I’m upholding the values that are important to make my business the experience that my clients deserve. She has been a constant reminder to remember my worth and the value that I have to my clients in the moments where I may have felt guilty about ideal pricing or availability. Since starting my work with Leah in May, I have been able to create a 10k monthly revenue on top of my full time job. I’m so proud to say that i’m leaving my full time job to work for a 6-figure business that I created for myself within 3 months.” – Mary Tate


“I’ve leveled up in entrepreneurship and made back my investment. Leah is such a kind soul who truly wants to see you succeed and helps you mentally & tactically. After working with her, I was able to launch a new website, launch my new ebook and ecourse, travel full-time and have clarity in my business direction with the support of other successful entrepreneurs. Her guidance is SO worth the investment every time, you won’t regret it! Thank you, Leah!” – Danielle Hu


“When I first wanted to start my entrepreneurial journey, I knew I wanted to create something online, but I had no clue how to go about it, no strategy in place and was a bit overwhelmed. Working with Leah has given me the inspiration and the proof that I could create an online business around my 9-5 job and live off my passion for food and fitness. Thanks to her I have launched several programs and built a community that I am proud of, and that enabled me to quit my 9-5 and backpack through South America while working on my business!” – Ines Schuber

Ines Schuber

What if you’re on the edge of enrolling,
but you have one or two lingering questions?

Q: How do I know if Service-Based Sales is a must for me right now?

A: One of the most empowering mindset shifts I made when I hit 6 figures was this: You don’t start searching for support when things are horrible. You search for support when you want to do better. 

Hitting the next levels of success and abundance happens when you’re PROACTIVE in your business. So if you’re already doing OK with sales, that doesn’t mean it’s time to lean back, kick up your feet and relax with your beautifully manicured hands behind your head. It means it’s time to keep the momentum going, analyze your blindspots and discover the ways you can continuously up your game. 

Will your business fold without this? Probably not. But will your highest vision come to fruition without knowing sales? Also probably not.

Q: Leah, selling makes me feel sleazy. Isn’t there a way I can avoid it?

A: To put it simply: no. Sales are the pulse of your business. When sales flow in, your business is alive, thriving and profiting. When sales don’t come in, that’s when things get hard. The good news is — not selling is actually the hard part!  


When you take Service-Based Sales, sales will become as natural as breathing. It won’t feel like this separate piece of your business that you want to dodge. It’ll be an integrated piece of a healthy, holistic business. Plus, you’ll be focused on transforming your clients’ lives. That doesn’t sound very sleazy to us!

Q: I’m not sure if I can make the investment right now. Can I wait until next time?

A: If you can’t envision yourself making your $2K investment back (and then some) then the truth is: You NEED to learn sales, and stat. And sugar-coating this won’t do you any favors. 

It’s your job as a business owner to take responsibility for how your business performs. When someone tells me they aren’t making much money, I ask them how many times this week they’ve tried selling. More often than not, they tell me they haven’t actually tried to sell anything! *Raise your hand if you’re guilty of that*  

The strategies you’ll learn inside this course are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, both for my business and for my clients. I know this is possible for you too. 

When you know how to sell correctly, your business creates wealth on demand. I don’t say that to be flashy. Of course entrepreneurs can’t just snap their fingers and generate revenue! That’s not realistic. 

But your ability to sell IS directly proportional to the size of your bank balance. And if what you see when you peek at your balance doesn’t bring a proud smile to your face, I’m confident Service-Based Sales will turn that around for you.

Q: Running a business keeps me busy! Will I have time for this?

A: The modules will be made available to watch on your own time. Whether that’s during your child’s naptime, after your 9-5, or before the sun comes up, you pick when and where you want to view them. The live calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make those calls, you’ll be able to tune in on your own time as well. 

One reason learning sales is so powerful is because it gives you the ability to earn more income in less time. The better you become at sales, the faster those client payments come in. That means less time spent behind the computer, plugging away on social media, or chasing down potential leads and MORE time doing what you actually love. Netflix and red wine, perhaps?

Q: How do I join?

A: Choose the best option for you below. You can pay everything at once, or you can split it up into a payment plan — whichever one is a better fit for where you are right now. Personally, I love the convenience of a payment plan!

Leah Gervais mastermind
I attended a long, one-day intensive with ActiveCampaign and took notes just for you! Learn 5 of the best email marketing strategies inside!
I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but here are my lessons from six-figures in sales, which happened after I left my 9-5. Check them out inside!

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