Welcome to Resources for Consistent Five-Figure Month

To this day, creating five-figure months has been both my most challenging and most life-changing milestone. It’s what got me out of the possibility of ever going back to a 9-5 job. And, it took me longer than any other milestone.

That means that once you crack this, it can all get easier from there.

Soak in our digital resources here to help you create five-figure months below!

Digital Resources

First Five-Figure Month Case Study

I share how four of my clients, using the Leah Gervais Methodology, went from just getting by in their businesses to break through the five-figure month ceiling! (And I share my own story too!)

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My client celebrated a $230k Month, here's how she did it...

Six Steps to Six Figures Case Study

 In this tell-all case study, I share the six chapters of business and life lessons I experienced to go from a side hustler, to a six-figure (and onto multi-six-figure!) business owner.

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Ideal Sales Call Checklist

Learn the five keys I use in every sales call, and expect:

  • CLARITY on what to say during sales conversations
  • EXCITEMENT from those getting on the phone with you
  • CONVERSIONS to go up, thanks to the one question I ask on every single sales call

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