Coaching from a seven-figure business owner for entrepreneurs and visionaries that are ready to unlock the playground they know life can be with a business that is efficient, effective, impactful, and expansive. Let us show you how…

An inside look at being coached by me...

Get ready for your entire life to change. Yep, I’m that confident.

Why? Because I’ve seen the countless success stories my own clients have already lived through, including quitting their 9-5 jobs, creating six-figure businesses (and even seven-figure business) all thanks to the ideas that they once just had in their mind, traveling to THE nicest destinations in the world, retiring their partners, staying home with their children… the list goes on and on.

And beyond their success stories, I’m a living example of my own success story, and how much of a playground life really does get to be when you have a business that’s efficient, strategic, impactful, and, most of all, FUN.

My story didn’t start this way. My business was a side hustle around my 9-5 job as a paralegal. I was making $45k per year and had a mountain of student loans. I went into credit card (and stayed there for a few years TBH) while building my business.

But through the very strategies, mindset tools, and approach to business I coach my clients under, I now have a seven-figure business, am a stay-at-home mom to my newborn baby, have a fully female team, and work a gentle three days a week, with clients that light me UP.

Here’s how you’d know if I’m the right coach for you:

  • You crave a playful zone between masculine business structures and feminine inspiration to run your business
  • You are here to infuse your luxurious and self-care dream lifestyle with your business and the money you make
  • You were raised to believe that hard work and sacrifice is the only way to achieve your dreams and goals, and you crave a gentler but equally as effective way
  • You are a mother, or want to become one, and know learning from a fellow mom would be a whole new level of supportive.
  •  You know mindset is more important than strategy, and you want to be coached and held accountable in both
  • You either already are, or want to be, unapologetic about your success, visible, confident, and the head turner in any room you enter (even if it’s virtual)
  • You can no longer hear yourself talk about the future you want to create, because it’s simply time to start living in it now

Seven-Figure Mastermind
(Waitlist Open)

This mastermind program is designed to take online-based female entrepreneurs from five-figure months to the track to $500,000- $1,000,000 per year in sales.

  • Transform your mindset to match the world’s most successful
  • Become a magnet for your desires and vision
  • Implement automated, scaleable strategies in your business
  • Map out your long-term plans
  • Move past your money and success blocks
  • Join a community of lifelong friends and colleagues
  • Step into the grandest vision for your life and vision

The entering cohort of January 2023 will begin enrolling in the fall of 2022. To be the first to know when the doors open and get fast-action pricing, join the waitlist above!

Business Coaching for Moms
(Waitlist Open)

Where six-figure launches and latching discussions are equally as welcome and equally as important. 🙂 For entrepreneurs that are expecting moms or moms with children under five.

    • Direct Voxer channel with access to me and the others
    • Kick-off business evaluation and strategy session
    • One monthly group coaching call with me (bring your baby!)
    • One 1:1 call with me per quarter, scheduled as needed/ as desired
    • Access to Signature Sales
    • Access to Wealth Builders
    • One in-person meet up in the year, babies welcome
    • Monthly massage/ facial/ acupuncture, booked by our team
This program will begin enrollment in fall of 2022. To be the first to know and be eligible for fast-action pricing, join the waitlist above.

A Year with Leah; 1:1 Transformational Coaching (Join the waitlist)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Effortless income beyond your wildest dreams
  • A lifestyle that reflects what you’ve always desired
  • Clarity in your business, mission and vision
  • Total support as you undergo the ultimate business and life transformation


  • A year of transformational support together
  • Unlimited email and Voxer access to Leah
  • 3 direct coaching calls per month
  • 2 in-person days in NYC (or some fabulous location)
  • Access to our entire team
  • Access to literally our entire body of work at no charge
  • An unbreakable, life-long bond from the growth you’ll experience

Investment: $5,997 per month + $10,000 onboarding fee

VIP Intensive with Leah
NYC Spots available for 2023

For a select few clients per year, Leah takes an entire day to laser coach, plan and strategize with you on your business. The amount you can get done, both of internal work and external strategy, in these Intensives can be the equivalent to months of 1:1 coaching. Here are the details:

  • 6 hours of in person coaching
  • Kick-off call the month prior to. your day
  • One month of email follow up
  • Includes a night at a five-star hotel
  • Dinner together the night before (if you’re traveling there)

We currently have opportunities for VIP Days in NYC!

These are hosted at Leah’s office in midtown Manhattan. You’re hosted one of the nicest nearby hotels (which happen to be some of the nicest hotels in the world). 

NYC VIP Day investment: $10,000 (payment plan available)

Email above to inquire about one of the spots!

Leah's Mastermind
Now Open for 2024

This mastermind program is designed to take online-based female entrepreneurs to consistent, multiple five-figure months ($250,000- $500,000 per year).

Here’s what it entails:

  • Transform your mindset to match the world’s most successful
  • Become a magnet for your desires and vision
  • Implement automated, scaleable strategies in your business
  • Switch from quick wins to a long-term, grounded business
  • Move past your money and success blocks
  • Join a community of lifelong friends and colleagues
  • Step into the grandest vision for your life and business

We open fast-action applications to the Mastermind later in the year. Please join the waitlist above to be the first to know.

Investment: $1,997 per month + $6,000 onboarding fee (payment plan available) 

1:1 Coaching with Abby

Abby is the only in-house coach at Team LG, is Leah’s little sister, and is the ONLY person who saw the business go from $20k months to $100k months. She knows what goes into a seven-figure business, and what goes on in Leah’s mind, more than anyone. 

With nearly three years of experience in this coaching business, Abby is the one-on-one coach you’re looking for if your business is ready to finally get off the ground. Not only can she help you do that, she knows what goes into the foundation of a solid, multiple six-figure business. So you’re not only achieving your wins quickly, you’re building with a long-term focus and for long-term success.

Abby only works with a select few clients at a time, so click the button above to email us, set up a complimentary call and see if Abby is the right fit for you!

Investment: $1,497 per month

Mindset Deep Dive with Abby

Building your business online will come with challenges, especially when it comes to your mindset. There is nothing better you can do for yourself and for your business than maintain a positive growth mindset. By understanding and shifting your mindset, you can determine your outcomes.

This is your opportunity to work with our lead coach, Abby and take a deep dive into what mindset strategies you can implement today to keep you in momentum and be the best possible version of yourself.

Abby has worked with clients with Team LG for over two years, and knows what goes into a successful mindset.

This is the perfect fit for someone who wants to tap into what may be holding you back and what can keep you moving forward.

Investment: $497

Hear from some of our alum...


“Working with Leah changed not only my business, but my life. I went from a stressed out, overworked freelance writer to a five-figure month entrepreneur in less than 30 days. For me, Leah’s mix of mindset and tactical advice was exactly what I needed to both give myself the permission and plan to create the success I always dreamed of. Throughout our time together, I went from $3K to $20K months, connected with the types of clients I always hoped to work with, and perhaps most importantly, realized how much I really had to offer.” – Dylan Essertier

Dylan Grace Success Story with Leah Gervais


“Leah was able to help me execute the vision into a structured, goal oriented and creative plan. With her leadership, accountability and empowerment I have been able to ensure that I’m upholding the values that are important to make my business the experience that my clients deserve. She has been a constant reminder to remember my worth and the value that I have to my clients in the moments where I may have felt guilty about ideal pricing or availability. Since starting my work with Leah in May, I have been able to create a 10k monthly revenue on top of my full time job. I’m so proud to say that i’m leaving my full time job to work for a 6-figure business that I created for myself within 3 months.” – Mary Tate


“”My results from working with Leah have been SO transformative. In my first year of working with her, she helped me TRIPLE my income. Out of the 18 months of working with her, 17 of those months have been over 5 figure cash months. She has given me the strategy, tools and mindset to help sustain and grow my six figure business. Thank you Leah for always having an answer to all my questions, for being a great friend and an amazing coach!”

– Shannon Bills, Acting Coach


“Leah is incredible at finding unique ways to approach your individual business and at the same time she makes it feel like you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. Her approach to business and your mindset is truly incredible and effective. I went into my work with her with just a hint of a business idea and a week and a half in I had my first client. If you want to bring your goals to life, Leah’s guidance will absolutely help you get there.”

– Erica Mueller, Fashion Influencer and Coach



“When I signed up my only reliable income was Covid unemployment! All of a sudden I was making more than I ever had on my own AND freed up time to focus on actually building out a business instead of just chasing freelance projects. I‘m making more money than I ever have on my own while also working fewer hours in the day-to-day (what????). When I started this course I felt like it was almost a backup plan to help keep myself afloat through covid, and now I am GRATEFUL I was laid off because I have seen the light of working for myself!”

– Stephanie Schloss, Marketing Expert for Theatres


“Prior to working with Leah, I was treating my business as a hobby. I was feeling stressed because I was lacking the consistency that my business deserved. I had this inner knowing of what I was meant to do, but fear was holding me in a space where I was playing it safe. Now I realize the impact of my gifts and talents and the way I am meant to follow our passion wholeheartedly. 

I have realized over $15,000 in sales. I have become visible on social media, podcasts, in publications. I have established partnerships with law firms and networked with key professionals. I am thrilled to be continuing my work with Leah. She is an amazing woman with a sharp business mind, savvy technology sense, vibrant energy, and an incredible heart.” – Shannon McGorry

Shannon McGorry is the founder of Love, Strength, and Grace


“I’ve leveled up in entrepreneurship and made back my investment. Leah is such a kind soul who truly wants to see you succeed and helps you mentally & tactically. After working with her, I was able to launch a new website, launch my new ebook and ecourse, travel full-time and have clarity in my business direction with the support of other successful entrepreneurs. Her guidance is SO worth the investment every time, you won’t regret it! Thank you, Leah!” – Danielle Hu

A six-month version of our Mastermind. This program is specifically designed to illuminate the only competitive advantage you’ll ever truly have;  yourself.

This program might be for you if you’re:

  • Standing in your own way, and you’re sick of it
  • Eying those coveted five, or even SIX, figure-months, and want to learn how to create them from someone who regularly does
  • Excited about how far you’ve come, but are ready for your next “jump up”
  • Sure that a solid community would make all the difference in your life + business
  • Ready to have a six-figure business. Full stop.
This program is now FULL. If you’re interested in joining the next cohort, fill out the application below!
in-depth coaching with Leah Gervais

This mastermind program is designed to take online-based female entrepreneurs from their first few five figure months, to regular $20k months and beyond.

We’ve designed it specifically in response to the chaos of our current global realities. Over the next few months, you’ll find hidden money within your business, double (or triple) (or more) your income, grow with a community of powerful female entrepreneurs, and simply transform your business.

Welcome to the best program out there for finding hidden money in your business.

This program is now FULL. If you’re interested in joining the next cohort, join the waitlist below!

This is your opportunity to work with Leah directly on mapping out your transformation. If you’re excited about what’s possible for your life with an online business, but feel:

  • Stuck in your current business and wanting your life to actually get good?
  • Tired of trying all the things but nothing quite clicking into flow?
  • Overwhelmed with where to start and what the best next step is?

I’m here to help. Plus, the investment in yourself with this Power Hour can then be applied to our other programs for even more results.

Want help deciding what's best for you?