Success Story:

Zee Cohen-Sanchez
Founder of Sole Strategies

Zee has worked on several people-powered campaigns in the last decade, helping flip seats across the county. After a monumental campaign in 2016, she committed to helping truly impactful candidates who don’t accept corporate money win seats across the nation.

Sole Strategies creates powerful movements, stand in solidarity with democratic voices and launch people-powered campaigns that win. 

Sole Strategies now employs over 20 employees that are on a mission to make a difference. But, before Zee had this business, was the team leader and CEO, she worked at a nursing home making a barely livable wage, living in debt, and dreaming about making more of an impact with her career. She took a risk on herself to start her own business and through the help of our programs and her own termination and ambition, she created a million dollar business in under a year. 

Hear more about Zee’s business and entrepreneurial journey below!

Sole Strategies mission: People-powered movements are something we truly care about and feel immense passion for. We believe that everyday working-class individuals should have access to reliable campaign resources at a reasonable rate

Zee was making $60k a year working in a nursing home. She was in debt, sick of making no impact, and frustrated with where her life was heading.

Zee has always been interested in social justice issues and wanted to make something of her desire to elevate working-class voices. This is where Sole Strategies started.

Read more about about Zee’s business and success on her website >>> 

When Zee started working with us, she just had an idea in place. In order to see her vision come to fruition, she took out loans to work with us.

Within a year of us working together, she exploded her business, including:

  • Hit a million dollars in sales her FIRST YEAR in business
  • Built a team of 20+ people in two years
  • Quit her 9-5 job within 3 months of starting
  • Started a consulting business from scratch
  • Gets to actually live out her mission and purpose every day

"If you are thinking about working with Leah and her team, just do it now, don’t wait! It will be the best investment you’ll ever make." - Zee

Working with us, Zee has been a member of our signature program Scale Your Side Hustle® and our Service-Based Sales program. 

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Hear Zee share, in her own words, what Scale Your Side Hustle® and Service-Based Sales has done for her business:

“Working with Leah completely changed my life. I decided to finally take a chance on myself and make the investment in Service-Based Sales and Scale Your Side Hustle®, even though I was in debt – needless to say it was beyond worth it. During Service Based Sales I launched my business and within five months I’m doing what I love and hitting almost six figure months. A few months ago I was in a job I wasn’t in love with, now I get to work for my own organization with a staff of fifteen amazing people who I love to work with everyday. Beyond the practical and technical advice Leah provides, you get to be part of a community of the most amazing women, who will become life long friends and mentors. If you are thinking about working with Leah and her team, just do it now, don’t wait! It will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Congratulations on all your success, Zee! You’re on fire!