Success Story:

Justine Ayala
Founder of Get Lean with Justine

In her own words…

“My weight held be back from pursuing my dream of becoming a professional dancer. I can thank my weight for my undergraduate degree from Fordham University in business administration and my J.D./ License to practice law from CUNY School of Law. In April of 2017 I’d had ENOUGH. I started tracking my food intake and exercising. This was also when I decided not to pursue a career in law, and I got my Personal Training Certification from ACE. I figured if I could finally figure out how to live my BEST life I could surely help other people.  I started working at Equinox Sports Clubs as a group fitness instructor. I went from teaching 4 classes a week to 30 classes a week. I started eating clean, lifting weights and sleeping 6-8 hours a night.”

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Justine's mission is to help you become your most confident and healthiest self.

Justine started her business after working at Equinox Sports Clubs as a group fitness instructor. It was there that she realized the joy of working out and getting fit.

She still works at Equinox and is an Ace certified personal trainer and health coach looking to help others feel their healthiest!

Justine was the woman that trained me and help me feel my best before my wedding!

When Justine started working with us, she was working at Equinox, but had been recently furloughed due to closure of gyms from COVID-19.  She had an Instagram account and a basic website with minimal information. 

Within just a few weeks of us working together, she exploded her business, including:

  • Signing clients frequently for personal training
  • Making the program investment back
  • Growing additional sources of income within her business

"Two weeks into SYSH, I knew it was the best decision. It was already paying for itself." - Justine

Working with us, Justine has been a member of our signature Scale Your Side Hustle® Program and our elite mastermind. 

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Hear Justine share, in her own words, what Scale Your Side Hustle® has done for her business:

“Two weeks into SYSH, I knew it was the best decision. It was already paying for itself. If you are thinking about joining, just do it. One, it is going to work. Two, if you don’t do it, you will regret it. Everything that I have done, I couldn’t do alone. I have a degree in marketing and there are so many things I wouldn’t know to do because you can’t be taught what I learned in SYSH. It is nice to have direction and the community that comes with it. Not everybody that you know understand what you are doing. Having that base of people that are doing what you are doing is helpful. 

Congratulations on all your success, Justine! You’re on fire!