Hannah is the founder of Hannah Shtein

Success Story:

Hannah Shtein
Founder of Hannah Shtein

In her own words…

“I help new and aspiring coaches and consultants start and scale their online businesses.”

Hear more about Hannah’s business and entrepreneurial journey below!

Hannah's mission is to help new and aspiring coaches with starting their own businesses just like she did.

Hannah is an entrepreneur who, like many, had the vision of entrepreneurship in their mind for a while, but it wasn’t until she learned how to say yes to herself that her vision came into fruition.

She started her business after getting laid off in the pandemic. She went from being terrified of being seen online and having no idea how to attract clients to booking out her coaching practice, getting featured in media, and most importantly feeling confident and certain in the growth of her business – she’s just getting started!

Hannah is also a prime example of what it means to take purpose into your work and she has a really incredible story that she’s going to share with us today about how her path led her to entrepreneurship.

Hear more about Hannah’s business journey in my podcast here >>>

Within a year of us working together, she exploded her business, including:

  • Starting a business after five years of just having it be an idea
  • Landed her first client without spending a penny on ads
  • She raised her prices and launched a group program
  • She started a Facebook group from scratch that had over 1,000 members within the first two months
  • She’s a full time entrepreneur and knows she will never go back to a 9-5 job
  • She is now able to help other people get out of their dead end jobs and careers they don’t love

"Scale Your Side Hustle™ was the thing that made getting my business off the ground possible." - Hannah

Working with us, Hannah has been a member of our signature program Scale Your Side Hustle™ and is also currently in our elite Mastermind.  

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Hear Hannah share, in her own words, what Scale Your Side Hustle has done for her business:

“Scale Your Side Hustle was the thing that made getting my business off the ground possible. I’d been thinking about coaching for years but had no idea to begin, and taking Scale Your Side Hustle gave me the tools and confidence to make my vision a reality.”

Congratulations on all your success, Hannah!