Hannah Nieves is the Founder of Hannah Nieves Consulting

Success Story:

Hannah Nieves
Founder of Hannah Nieves Consulting

In her own words…

I help entrepreneurs elevate their image, enhance their reputation, and expand their sales and revenue.

My favorite clients to work with are small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you. I’ve worked in corporate marketing for national brands and firms for a decade, which you can read more about here.”

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Hannah's mission is to help you elevate your brand, enhance your reputation and expand your income through marketing, branding and PR.

Jacquie started her business after working in a demanding corporate job that had her putting her health last. Who else can relate to that?! She was traveling three weeks per month and developed cystic acne, digestive issues, and overall exhaustion. You can read more of her story here.

Jacquie went from this low point in her health to successfully completing the New York City Marathon thanks to her “little adapts” philosophy. She started her business and has gone on to help countless men and women little adapt their own lifestyles to create their most happy and healthy life.

Hear about Jax’s health tips for entrepreneurs in her interview on my podcast >>>

I also share how her health tips helped me as an entrepreneur!

When Jacquie started working with us, she had created a few programs, had clients, and established herself as a wellness expert. 

Within a year of us working together, she exploded her business, including:

  • More than doubling her coaching prices and successfully selling them
  • Doubling the price, and then doubling the size, of one of her signature programs, a 12-day Real Food reboot
  • Creating and successfully filling a new group coaching program
  • Creating and launching a membership site, with over 40 enrollments in the first 3 days of launching
  • Hitting over $10k/ month in revenue from health coaching services
  • More than 5x the size of her email list
  • Transforming her success mindset

The mastermind VIP path "was the best decision I ever made" - Jacquie

Working with us, Jacquie has been a member of our elite mastermind. She has also chosen the VIP track, which combines 1:1 work directly with me AND the power of a supportive mastermind community.

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Hear Jacquie share, in her own words, what the mastermind has done for her business:

“I opted for the VIP access, and it was the best decision I ever made. My income was steadily increasing each month before, but with the VIP access I was able to hit my first $10k+ month in sales in the first month.”

Leah always has great advice and responds very quickly whenever I had questions about launching, client push back, etc. It’s also amazing as her direct support has really changed my mindset by helping me to push through my fears and celebrate all of my wins throughout the program. She truly is an amazing business coach and having her in my ear every step of the way has been life changing. I highly recommend the mastermind as it has changed me and my business!”

Congratulations on all your success, Jacquie! You’re on fire!