Emma Henderson is the founder of Digital Nomad Marketing Co

Success Story:

Emma Henderson
Founder of Digital Nomad Marketing

In her own words…

” I founded Digital Nomad Marketing Co in 2019 to help online business owners life myself create scalable online businesses with clear and actionable steps.”

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Emma's mission is to help you get clear on your vision, scale your business, achieve long-term growth, and set yourself apart.

Emma started her business after working in the corporate world after college. She moved to New York City after graduating and  found herself tired of living her life from the confines of a cubicle and craving the freedom of owning her own business. She then moved to North Carolina to work full-time for a local graphic designer and was fired within six months. 

Emma went from this low point in her life and decided she was done relying on someone else to determine her success. At first, Emma felt lost in how to scale her business and to see the results she was craving. It wasn’t until she began to invest in her business that she started to see real growth. She was able to surpass her corporate salary and scale her business within the first year. 

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Within a year of us working together, she exploded her business, including:

  • Pivot out of the “trading time for money” business model
  • Grow her email list to 1000 people
  • Sign her first high-level clients
  • Launch her first group program
  • Get ENGAGED to her soulmate
  • Hit five-figure months in her business

Most importantly, Emma has transformed her mindset into a true Visionary of her business and life. She has so much more in store for her still!

" I started to scale my business and started hitting the income goals I wanted to hit when I started working with you" - Emma

Working with us, Emma has been a member of our elite mastermind. Our Mastermind combines coaching and the power of a great community. 

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Hear Emma share, in her own words, what the mastermind has done for her business:

“I think one of the biggest parts of my business was when I started to hit those income goals that I wanted to hit and when I really honed in on like what part of my business I wanted to scale was actually when I started working with you in the Mastermind program. That was a really big pivotal point for me. It was scary when I went into it but you know you have to make that investment, you have to take massive action. If I didn’t do that, I know I would not have been able to scale my business as quickly as I did.

Congratulations on all your success, Emma!