Chelsey Mollin, Founder of Aliyah Health

Success Story:

Chelsey Mollin
Founder of Aliyah Health

In her own words…

“My name is Chelsey Mollin and I’m a NYS licensed acupuncturist trained in traditional Chinese medicine. I specialize in helping women to help overcome hormonal and gut health imbalances, so they can feel incredible from the inside-out, and enjoy their lives in a healthy body with abundant energy.”

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Chelsey specializes in working with those who suffer from hormonal and gut health imbalances who are eager to overcome these debilitating issues long term.

Jacquie started her business after working in a demanding corporate job that had her putting her health last. Who else can relate to that?! She was traveling three weeks per month and developed cystic acne, digestive issues, and overall exhaustion. You can read more of her story here.

Jacquie went from this low point in her health to successfully completing the New York City Marathon thanks to her “little adapts” philosophy. She started her business and has gone on to help countless men and women little adapt their own lifestyles to create their most happy and healthy life.

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When Chelsey started working with us, she  

Within a year of us working together, she exploded her business, including:


"Within just two weeks of working with Leah in Service-Based Sales I signed my first 1:1 client for $2,750!" - Chelsey

Working with us, Chelsey has been a member of our Service-Based Sales program and currently in our elite Mastermind. 

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Hear Chelsey share, in her own words, what Service-Based Sales has done for her business:

When I joined Service- Based Sales I had been struggling in my online business to book any calls or sign any clients for seven months. I was hesitant to sign up because I had already invested a lot of money and time with a different business coach and didn’t make any return or book any clients. But I’m so glad I didn’t let that hold me back because within just two weeks of working with Leah in service based sales I signed my first 1:1 client for $2,750! Her strategies work. Since continuing to work with her and her team my business has grown in so many ways & I’ve continued to sign on more high ticket clients and am well on my way to having a successful, abundant & fun online business. I am so grateful for finding Leah and so excited to see where my business will take me, professionally and personally 🙂 Thank you!!!

Congratulations on all your success, Chelsey!