Aimee Cabakoff, Sustainable Lifestyle and Travel Blogger

In her own words…

Before: Before I started working with Leah in the mastermind I was a bit lost on how to scale my business. I am a front-end influencer and wanted to move to the entrepreneurship side of things and offer consulting services and programs. I didn’t know anything about an email list and the value of it. I didn’t know how to navigate the back-end of my business with opt-ins and tripwires etc and how that could lead to higher ticket offerings.

After: Now I am able to take everything that I learned and keep moving forward. My email list is growing, I am able to convert organic traffic with Facebook ads and people are seeing me as a valuable resource. In the course, I sold my first e-book and obtained an email list, but most importantly now think bigger than what I was previously doing. I highly recommend this course because I definitely would not be here today if it wasn’t for the support and community in the mastermind.