Module 2

Welcome to Module 2

This tech-heavy module is a raw behind-the-scenes of two of the powerful tools we’ll talk about repeatedly throughout this course, MailerLite and LeadPages.

If you recall from the “Checklist for List-Building” video in Module 1, two of the important foundational pieces you’ll need for this course are:

1- A list-building software. This is a software with tools to help you capture emails, typically using forms and landing pages.
2- A CRM/Email Service Provider. This is a software that houses and manages your list of captured emails.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend using MailerLite. It actually is both a list-building software and an email service provider, so it’s really easy to do everything on their one website. MailerLite is free for your first 1,000 email subscribers, and after that, it’s still pretty well priced. You may also have heard of MailChimp as it’s a common email service provider.

LeadPages is only a list-building software and it’s quite a bit more money than MailerLite. The list-building features that it has are more advanced than MailerLite. If and when you are ready to upgrade to LeadPages, you can still use MailerLite as your email service provider and link LeadPages with MailerLite (which I show how to do in the LeadPages video). If and when you are ready to upgrade your email service provider, I recommend Active Campaign, which links easily with LeadPages.

Even if you already have an email service provider, I recommend watching at least the MailerLite video below. It’s not just about the software, but how all the parts work together to successfully build a list.


Get started with MailerLite here.


Get started with LeadPages here.


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