Assistant Training

We’re here to help you find, onboard, and train your next (or very first) assistant in your service-based online business. The trained team of our seven-figure business becomes your temporary, in-house HR team. 

We’ll do the work, you see the growth.


We believe you can do it all. But you can't do it all alone.

I see you.

You’re nearing your first six-figure year (maybe you’re already there!) and you’re so proud of the success you’ve created. 

But you’ve done most, if not all, of it alone.

You’re the marketing director. The service provider. The sales person. The internet version of a janitor. You’re everything. And you know in your heart it’s too much. You can’t sustain like this, let alone continue to grow like this.

But when it comes to hiring an assistant or someone to help… you don’t know where to begin… 

  • Where do you find these fabulous assistants anyway?
  • Can I actually afford to pay one properly?
  • Where do I begin to teach them what I do?
  • I don’t have anything organized digitally for them.
  • What are the best tasks for them to help me with?
  • … what about taxes?

I get it. I’ve been there. And I’ve been SO busy that I’ve actually felt too busy to even ask for the help. Which is a recipe for burn out. Fast.

If you’re there now, we’re here to help. And there’s SO much growth waiting for you on the other side of solopreneurship.

My assistant journey...

My very first assistant was a fail. 

And… it was my fault. I hired too late. I didn’t properly interview. I didn’t listen to my intuition. And there was NO training because I had no time to properly do it. 

As a result, I had to let go of this assistant months after onboarding and was left busier and more of a soloprenreuer than ever. I asked my own sister to help me with work around her 9-5 job because I was desperate.

Before I knew it, my sister was handing in her resignation at the investment bank she worked at to work with me full time as an assistant. And then… my income went up from $20k months to $100k months in a matter of six months. This isn’t because she had the “perfect” assistant resume or came in with tons of experience, but she was a great culture fit + excited to learn. That’s the power of a supportive, thorough assistant.

As our business demanded more of her, she moved up and hired someone to replace her. With the help of that new assistant, our business hit seven-figures just months later

Sure enough, that assistant was then taking on operational roles and hired someone to replace her, too.

In short, I know the power of assistants. More importantly, I know the power of finding good assistants. I know what can happen to your business with a team that’s “all in,” supportive, and proactive.

When you work with us in the Assistant Training Program, you’ll work with these very team members and learn how they hired, what went into the back end of our business for growth, and how you can have your own success.

The best part? Our team can do the training for you. Because it’s not just about finding the right fit- it’s about giving them structure & strategy to help them function at their highest potential. We’ll show your new assistant the systems and softwares we use to organize our content, our launches, and our monthly goals. You can focus more on your zone of genius and watch your business grow, fully trusting your new hire to take initiative + support you.

Industry rates for trained assistants are skyrocketing; we’ll make sure you find the right fit within your budget. I’ll help you avoid making the same mistake I did- wasting money on assistants that didn’t share my vision & weren’t given training to support me at a high-level, only to be left back at square one more overwhelmed than ever.

Here's what to expect...


Truth: I (Leah) have had four different assistants in just two years. It’s not because I’m a Miranda Priestly- style boss, it’s because I’ve continued to promote them! And they’ve all found someone else to fill their place. So we can share how we find, interview, and think about applications. We can even do it for you!


We’ll train your assistant (and you!) on the systems and structures that’ll be of the upmost support to you as you grow. We can share our own systems and structures that manage our seven-figure business, all virtually, so you can implement them, too.


It’s not just about your assistant being a good assistant; it’s about them supporting your mission and vision. We’ll help create a culture in your company, no matter how small, that helps your assistant know what you need before you even know it yourself.

How it works...

1- You sign up via the “Join Now” button below. The investment for 8 weeks of support is $2,997.

2- You’ll immediately receive an email to book your intake call with our entire team. This will be our goal-setting call to get on the same page.

3- We create a customized roadmap for you over the next eight weeks on what will maximize your assistant training. If you already have an assistant, we’ll work with you to build out a back-end system that supports your goals. If you’re at square one, we’ll help you find, interview, and onboard your assistant. And anything in between.

4- We’re here for calls, email support, and templates during eight weeks while your new assistant becomes your new secret weapon.

Wondering if this is the right fit for you?
Hoping for a payment plan instead of paying in full?

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