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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed on a podcast all about successful mindset and investment. One of the questions that he asked me was what mentors have done for me and my business.

I wanted to share the answers to my questions because I thought it was such a great question and the answer has layers… I learn different things at every stage, unexpected things!

So here’s what mentors have done for me, and continue doing for me as I grow! I hope that sharing this sheds some light on why I’m so passionate about the mentoring and coaching I do with my clients- it’s so powerful!

1- Mentors gave me permission

Before I even started my business or knew that I could get out of my 9-5 job, mentors gave me permission to think differently for what could be in store for me. Up until that point, I had good role models in my life… especially great bosses and wonderful professors. But as is obvious, they were role modeling to me their type of work. So when I first started seeing people live, think, be, do the way that I desired, they gave me permission to think that my life could hold something different in the future.

2- Mentors showed me possibility

The mentors I’ve had over the years have opened my eyes to what was possible. They have literally reshaped and redefined things I thought were or weren’t possible for me. They restructured my entire belief system and opened an entire new world. This is the most exciting part of it!

3- Mentors continue to blow me away

One of the coolest parts of this journey is the increasing respect that comes as you go to your own next levels. You see how much they’ve gone through and become even more impressed with all they’ve overcome. From the outside, it can look like any successful entrepreneur has it all made and, sure, struggles, but until you go through it yourself, I don’t think you can truly understand and fully respect all they’ve had to overcome.

What have mentors done for you and your journey?

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Travel and Life Updates

I’m currently on my way to Austin, Texas for a two-day event with one of my mentors, Alex Charfen. I’m excited to dive deep into how to scale my business as well as catch up with some friends!

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