Here’s the wedding beauty routine I’ve started implementing about six months away from our wedding date. It’s hard to believe we’re in the six-month range! But, I know that it’s going to be here before I know it, and I’ll look back on this post missing this time!

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One of the fun parts about preparing to be a bride is learning more about skin care, makeup and hair care. I admit that this area is not my expertise, especially with skin care. So, as I’ve researched beauty regimes to prepare for the big day, I’ve taken it as a reason to up my beauty and skin care game!

I'm getting married in a few months! Here is my wedding beauty routine to look and feel my best on my big day!

Here are some of the beauty routines I’ve implemented to prepare for my wedding!

You can also see my video review of these products on my IGTV here.


Hair Care


Using this Argan oil hair conditioner to keep my hair healthy and strong in my wedding beauty routine. I've been using this weekly in my wedding beauty routine!

Argan Oil Hair Mask

I started using this hair mask weekly to keep my hair healthy and strong in the New York City winter. I LOVE this hair mask. It’s been than any Moroccan Oil or anything else I’ve used, and it’s so well priced! The label says that it’s suitable to use three times a week, but I only use it once as I only try to wash my hair once or twice a week. All you do is put it in for about five minutes after you shampoo and then thoroughly rinse it out.

Typically, I use this when I shower after a work out class. So, I shampoo, put it in my hair, go lay in the steam room for about five minutes, then rinse it out! It’s perfect and makes me feel like I just got a blowout!


I've loved using this HSI professional heat protectant with arman oil to protect my hair from split ends in my wedding beauty routine. Using this Argan Oil Heat Protectant in my wedding beauty routine.


Argan Oil Thermal Protectant

I want my hair to be as thick and healthy as possible for my wedding. We all know that heat is the enemy of even ends. So, to avoid split ends, I started doing some research on the best heat protectant. I had actually used a heat protectant before but wanted to up my game. I found this Argan Oil Thermal Protectant and love it! Most heat protectants stay wet after you spray them for a while. This is fine when I’m blow drying my hair, but I like to curl it occasionally as well. So, I loved finding this heat protectant which dries quickly, so it’s not like I’m curling wet hair!


To keep my hair healthy and thick before my wedding, Im washing it as scarcely as possible. This dry shampoo is helping me do just that!

Dry Shampoo

As I mentioned, I’m trying to wash my hair as little as possible. I notice the difference in the thickness and healthiness of my hair when I wash it less and think shampoo really strips hair of its natural nutrients. However, I work out nearly every day so it’s easy for my hair to become greasy. I am on a quest for a great dry shampoo to help with the in-between days. Historically speaking, dry shampoo hasn’t really done much for me. It makes my hair look gray and still greasy…? I picked up this “deep clean” specific type in the hopes that it’ll be a bit more thorough. I will keep you posted!


Skin Care and Makeup


I knew my wedding beauty routine needed a way to grow my eyelashes. Here is how Im using Grande Lash.


One of the first things I started researching when we got engaged was how to grow my eyelashes! I don’t have very long ones. I knew I could do fake eyelashes (and I still may), but I have nightmare memories of the Wal Mart fake eyelashes I used to wear in dance competitions. You know, the ones that feel like a caterpillar is on your eyes? Not exactly what I want at my wedding.

I’m also wary of lash extensions as I’ve often read that they ruin your real eyelashes. So, I went to Sephora and asked what they’d recommend, and walked out with this GrandeLASH-MD serum. It says that you can see results in about 4-6 weeks, and I started using it about 7 months before my wedding to test it out and make sure I was happy with the result.

So far, so good! I haven’t seen a HUGE difference, but they do seem longer. I will definitely report back on these after the full time period.


Including these in my wedding beauty routine has helped me protect my lips!


SPF has become a bigger part of my wedding beauty routine to keep my skin youthful and wrinkle-free! Here is how I am protecting my lips from the sun while still looking glam.

Lip Balm with SPF

I’ve gotten stricter with protecting my skin overall from the sun. I’m very blessed with Greek skin that rarely burns and tans easily, so I’ve historically been a bit too relaxed about protecting my skin. As I’ve researched skincare, I’ve realized just how important it is to keep the longevity and clarity in your skin. So, I’ve made sure all my foundation has SPF in it, and started finding lip balms with SPF but still with color. I’ve been using this cute three pack from Coola and have loved it! My only complaint is that it’s a bit flakey in texture. But otherwise, it serves as my chapstick, lipstick, and sun protectant all in one!


What suggestions do you have for my wedding beauty routine?

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