Tanya started Scale Your Side Hustle with a domain and a dream! Even though we typically recommend people having a site up and an idea of what they’re about to sell at least (if not already selling), that didn’t stop her.

And thank goodness.

By the end of the second month of the program, she had built her website and was already making $1,000+ per month, all around her demanding 9-5 job. From there, she went on to build a $5,000 side hustle month in under six months.

After five months of side hustling, she had an email list of over 1000 subscribers, ten one-on-one clients she worked with, and was preparing to launch a group program.

Needless to say, this is not the last we’ll see of her!

Income Jump in the Program…


Tanya had made $500 in a month from her side hustle, and the month after the program was operating at a $5,000 month.

Words from Tanya about growing her consulting business…


“I started Leah’s Scale Your Side Hustle with a domain name and idea for a side business and not much else. I knew my earning potential was so much more than my great 9-5 sales job, and I wanted to see what I could do with the right tools and a mentor.
I was not prepared for what 90 days in this program would yield. Between modules, the support of peers and Leah in the Facebook group and the accountability of a weekly call with personalised support, I discovered a drive I didn’t know I had. I built a roadmap and exceeded all my goals in my second month in business: 10+ discovery calls, 4 clients, over $2K in sales, 2 digital products, 200 professional pictures taken and over 1,000 on my email list. The program has set me up to completely change my life. If you’re considering seriously doing a side hustle, don’t venture into it alone. Untap your potential and create a career by investing in yourself. “