Why I Redid My 2024 Vision Board + Manifesting Tips
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 116

This year, I made a vision board for 2024 in January. By mid March, I had to redo it because so many of these things had come true.

I used to practice manifestation in a very ‘woo-woo’ way that doesn’t make sense for me anymore.

I have learned a lot about envisioning and manifesting my dream life in a powerful, practical way that WORKS. I had many manifestations come true already this year.

I do believe that our successes are mindset based, but we have to be careful what kind of content we consume when it comes to envisioning our lives and businesses.

In today’s episode, we will be discussing:

  • How you can manifest in a way that is action based, not just about energy and thinking about it

  • Developing a practice for yourself that leaves room for ebbs and flows with your business and lifestyle

  • A step-by-step manifestation process that has worked for me this current year

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This year, I made a 2024 vision board in January, but I've already redone it because so many came true. Tune in for practical manifesting tips!

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey everyone, welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show, Leah here. And I hope that you are having a delightful spring so far. Very excited to be here with you guys and chat about something kind of personal, hopefully kind of fun. And I’m a little nervous. It’s going to sound like a bit of a bragging episode and that’s really not my intention here, but it is something kind of cool that happened to me, uh, a few days ago and it just made me feel like it’s worth talking about because I have come a long way in this department and I thought that it would be worth sharing what I’ve learned in that kind of trajectory and journey, uh, in case it’s helpful for you. 

So in today’s episode, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about redoing my 2024 vision board. What I mean by that is, at the beginning of the year, I had a small vision board that I created.

I wanna share the process for doing that. And over the weekend, we are near the end of March here. I had to redo it. And the reason I had to redo it is because the majority of those things had already come true, which is so cool to see and such a blessing. And that’s what I wanna talk about why I think they came true. Sort of what my process is for manifesting things in my life and in my business these days. How this has dramatically changed from the early years of my business when I had a much more desperate energy than I think I even realized or wanted to admit to myself.

 And what I think it can do for you as you make these things happen in your life and in your business. So let me just set the stage a little bit. For starters, by nature, I would say that I am more of a masculine energy by default.

I am more of a pragmatic person, logistics person, action person than I am a woo woo energetic person by nature. I certainly believe in many of the elements that kind of come with the quote woo, culture, meaning I really believe in the power of mindset and positive thinking and intention and visualization, but all of that is super science backed. 

So what I don’t really believe in is constantly surrendering my power to the universe versus standing in my own power. And before I, you know, get too into it. I think the punchline of what I’m trying to say is I think there’s a lot of manifesting out there advice out there that has sort of gone awry and taken away the personal responsibility or the personal power of us as manifesters by framing it as something that you just sort of allow to happen if you’re in the right energetic space or that you just attract if you’re in the right energetic space.

I don’t really believe in that. I tried, okay, so when I was first starting up my business and first starting to understand the power of your mindset and the power of energy, I really did try to lean more into that than my default was comfortable with. 

And I do think that I learned a lot, but in the end, as I’ve kind of found my own equilibrium, that feels right for me. I like that I’m a practical person. Maybe it takes away some of the quote, energetic magic that some people experience, but my life feels pretty magical to me and this system works for me. So I’ve just kind of leaned into it and I like that it allows me to stay in my power versus, even though you might feel A little bit more quote magic, if you are sort of surrendering things left and right, um, then to me that also feels a bit, a bit more powerless. And, and I’m an action taker, so it doesn’t really jive with me to operate and manifest under a system that doesn’t require a lot of action because I’m an action taker by nature and it’s served me well. 

So naturally I would say that I lean more toward what’s the goal, what are the steps, what are, how are we executing? Yes, I very much believe in mindset, positive thinking, visualization, and I do all of that every day, all day. But all of that is very logical to me. None of that feels very woo. That all feels very obvious. In fact, let me just share a little tangent here ’cause I think it’s so powerful. I recently saw a video illustrating, I’ve heard it before, but it had been a while, the red car Theory.

And this theory asks someone, how many red cars have you seen today? And you might say, I don’t know, maybe one. I don’t, I don’t know. Most of us don’t know ’cause we’re not looking for them. And then you reframe the question to say, if I had told you at the beginning of the day today that you would get $100 for every red car you saw, you would know exactly how many red cars you saw. You would be looking for them, you would see them, you would keep track of them. And that’s how opportunity works. 

And I think that’s a really beautiful analogy because it doesn’t make it seem like it’s this mystical mystery that we have to be in the right flow to tap into. It really just reminds us that it’s all around us. And if you’re in the right frame of mind and if you choose to see it, it’s there.

It’s just a matter of perspective and deciding whether or not you’re receptive to it. So I do very much believe in that way of thinking, and I subscribe to it and practice that daily. Going back a bit further to my earlier years of business, when I really tried to lean more into the woo-woo than I think I was naturally comfortable with, or than I honestly believed, my, uh, my processes of manifesting were a little bit ridiculous.

If I look back now, and honestly, I think some of what people are teaching out there about manifestation is a little bit ridiculous. I think that they can really lead to obsessions over the things that you want. So creating a vision board, then looking at it every day, then changing your wifi password or your computer password to the name of what it is that you’re pursuing, having, um, reminders all over your house, uh, visualizing it every night.

You know, I would take all these baths, I’d set these candles. It was sort of like I was obsessing over these things because that’s what I thought that I was supposed to do, and I was really trying to move mountains. And I did. I mean, it was a very influential time. Um, but I don’t do any of that anymore, and I can’t tell you how much easier useful things feel now than they used to. 

So let’s talk about why that is. Why am I sitting here telling you that I have pretty much checked off the majority of my 2024 vision board within the first quarter of the year? Well, there’s two reasons. One is incredibly obvious, right? One is that, um, I, uh, have been doing this for longer, right? So the things that I’m working toward, like raising my income, the, the, um, you know, growing a part of my business, uh, these things are just easier because they’re easier.

I have a lot more business experience. Things just don’t rattle me the way that they used to. In fact, just yesterday I had an experience where, um, a cl a very close friend, longtime client, very good relationship with her, uh, of mine, uh, her and I mutually were working on, um, the process for letting go of someone in her company that was not a good fit. 

So that happened. And then this person, kind of the estranged employee, contacted me, was threatening me, you know, um, telling me that this person was saying all these horrible things about me. I’m not gonna get too deeply into it, but I was really realizing how much, one, I don’t believe that, and two, I’m just not shaken by that, I mean, that has nothing to do with me. I totally trust my client and the relationship we have.

And I really didn’t even think about it for very long a few years ago that would’ve really shaken me up. It would’ve made me question if I was doing the right job coaching, it would’ve made me question if that person was telling the truth, it would’ve made me question my relationship with my client. None of those things happen anymore. 

So a big part of why I’m able to achieve things faster is because I’m just not rattled in the way that I used to be about the normal ebbs and flows and bumps that come with business. I also just have more things working in my favor. I’m in more momentum constantly than I was years ago. I have a bigger audience. I have tried true tested funnels and ads. I have very popular programs that have incredible bodies of testimonials that accompany them. These things just keep me in momentum even when I’m not doing anything.

And I really wanna acknowledge that because I think that there’s a lot of other manifesting gurus out there who do talk about what they’re able to manifest without acknowledging how long they’ve been in the game and how different of a playing field that puts them on. And then when you try to employ their practices into your own life and business, you can wonder why you don’t get the same results. 

And it’s because you’re not on the same playing field at the same time. That aside, where I do think you can take away from what I’ve grown into and what’s working for me right now, no matter where you’re at or how long you’ve been in business, are the following steps. Well, before I get into the steps, let me just talk a little bit about, I wanna share kind of what came true on my vision board.

So the first thing that I had was my son’s preschool. I’m not gonna talk this whole episode about the, to be honest, somewhat traumatizing process of applying to preschools in New York City. I was prepared for it to be intense, but I was not prepared for everything that came with it. Uh, but there was one school in particular that really shined to us and that really made me feel like this was home and this would be the best place for my son, and it would just give him everything that I could want for him. 

So, uh, I put the, um, logo on my vision board to hope that we got in. And I was very nervous about us getting in. We’re not from New York, we’re not legacies. We don’t have this super network of people, uh, in Manhattan, like I presumed a lot of other applicants did.

So this seemed like a stretch to me. Me, I really didn’t know how good of a shot we had of getting into this school. Another piece of my vision board. Now, keep in mind I was very early pregnant when I, um, made this vision board. I, so I knew I was pregnant, but I was very early on. And so I was doing my best to cautiously plan the and, and envision things for the year knowing that I was hopefully going to have a baby. 

So the next thing that I put is I kind of tuned into what I really wanted to do. What was one thing I wanted to do before this second baby came? And what was very clear to me is I wanted to go back to the Amalfi Coast. I’ve been to the Amalfi Coast once for my best friend’s 30th.

Loved it. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore it. Um, and in particular, there was one hotel that we stayed at that is my favorite hotel in the world that I’ve ever stayed at. And I’ve wanted to go back with my husband ever since because I went with my best friend, which was amazing. But I wanted to take my husband. And, um, I think I just kind of felt like the Amalfi Coast was an unlikely place to bring two children.

And also knew that after having two kids, the kind of luxuries we’ve been able to enjoy over the past few years of, um, you know, our parents, my son’s grandparents, staying with him for a weekend at a time, it’s just gonna get harder. That’s probably not gonna happen for at least another year, year and a half as I go through late pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn phase, all of that.

So I knew I wanted to go to Italy one more time this year, and I wanted to stay at this, um, themed hotel, or this, you know, my favorite hotel. And I also decided I wanted to do something for work there. This was an edge for me. This was something that I think I had always asked the universe or like had toyed with wanting to do, but never had done. I obviously have hosted a lot of VIP days in Paris, but Italy was new. 

So I put the view from the hotel that I love on my vision board and set the intention that I’d go before I had this baby and that I would do something work adjacent to it. So that was another, another image that I put on my vision board was a very pregnant woman running. I wanted to run the half marathon while pregnant.

To me this meant having a safe pregnancy, a healthy pregnancy, and managing to stay in good enough shape to run a half marathon while pregnant. So this was a big edge for me because if you followed my running journey at all, you might know that about 18 months ago was the first time I ever even ran a mile. And this same half marathon, the New York City half Marathon last year was the first one first race I ever ran. So I’m not a seasoned runner. 

And doing it pregnant definitely felt like an edge, but I also thought it’d be so empowering and something really special to do during this particular pregnancy. I think with the first, everything is so new and special and you have all these memories of things you did pregnant with your first, and you know, in general, the first, the, the things you do with your first child that you just don’t replicate with the second because you’ve all kind of, you’ve kind of done it. So I wanted to do something different with this baby, okay? 

And then I put up an income number of what I wanted my new monthly recurring revenue to be. It was around between 10, five and $10,000 a month more than what my average had been over the few months beforehand. Um, and so those were the things that I had on there that I have now taken Off. 

Um, and then there’s also been two things I’ve removed because I no longer have the desire, which I’ll talk about in a second. But let me just kind of go through how each thing came true. Okay? So Italy, I knew that I wanted to do this. I knew I wanted to go. I knew where I wanted to stay. I knew I wanted to go to work.

So I really sat into it, really tried to visualize what the, what did I think this could look like. I started kind of piecing things together, thinking of the time of year, and I thought of a client that I thought would really benefit from this and would really love it. So that’s the direction that I went with, and I ended up pitching it to her and it is happening. So that is happening, which is amazing. And I’ll share a lot more about preschool.

I did sort of everything I thought I could do. Um, I tried to network as much as I could. Uh, tried to reach out to the school as much as I could and show my interest, um, go to any events that I could and just basically put one foot in front of the other. And at the end of February, we found out that he was accepted into this preschool. I did indeed run the half marathon pregnant. Uh, I probably could have planned a bit better for this one. 

My first trimester was pretty rough, honestly, so I didn’t run a lot during it. I probably wasn’t as in shape for it as I should have been, but I did it and by February and now in March as well. And April is projected to be the same, I have reached my new monthly recurring revenue goal.

So all of these things have come true. Okay, how, how did this all come true? How did one thing go in front of the other and it just came true in a matter of months? Well, there’s three steps. I’m gonna make it keep it really simple. And these are the three things that I think no matter where you’re at in business, you can relate to, you can learn from, you can apply.

The first thing sounds very basic is you just need to name it, be honest about what you want. I can’t tell you how many times a day I get messages from people, emails, dms, I love your Instagram. I wish I could stay home with my kids more. I wanna make passive income. Um, I want to set up my own passive income stream. But they don’t, they know they want to do it, but it’s not on a vision board.

It’s not on a to-do list. There’s no plan around it. There’s no execution. Okay? Saying you want something is not the same thing as naming that it’s happening. So in my mind, the first step toward naming what I’m really working toward was just putting this vision board together. I’m not a big vision board girl. It’s not like something I do every month or every year or whatever. It was just something I did actually, this was, I thought, a funny parallel in a hotel room in Florida, um, at the beginning of the year in Orlando, um, to put as my phone screensaver. 

Now, when I say name it, I also mean with a timeline. I know some people say that you should just declare what you want and release it when it happens. That doesn’t work for me. Uh, there are certain things that are very big picture dreams that I just put out there and know that eventually they’ll happen, and that’s fine in some circumstances.

But for things like this, I wanted to go on this trip before this baby came. I wanted to have this new MRR before halfway through the year, I needed to run this half marathon while pregnant. And I wanted to get into the preschool by the application deadline. So it’s just not fun for me. It’s not playful to be like, well, I wanna go to these things or do these things and one day I’ll do it. If not this pregnancy, maybe the next, or maybe I’ll reach my new monthly recurring revenue in two years. That doesn’t actually help my financial goals for my family. 

So step one, name it with a timeline. You can take exactly what I did and make a simple 2024 vision board in Canva. That’s the size of an, uh, Instagram story, because then it can be the background on your phone.

That’s exactly what I did. Step two is to create a step by step plan for it. This is where my pragmatic mind comes into play. I know that some manifesting gurus will say, forget the how drop the how. And again, I get where that message is coming from that you, I think what the message means is you don’t need to know how something’s going to happen in order to ask for it, want it, and work toward it. 

But forgetting the how does not mean don’t do anything to pursue it. That’s where I think people get it twisted. They’ll say, I wanna go to Italy and just toss it out into the universe. And maybe they think they’ll get invited one day or they’ll win a trip or a future partner will take them or, um, you know, they’ll eventually have enough money to just buy it one day.

That’s not what I think this means. I think declaring that I wanted to go to Italy and do it in a work way meant I don’t know exactly how this will look, but I’m gonna put a plan together. And if that plan doesn’t work, I’m gonna try another plan. I’m not attached to the how, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pursuing the how. 

So put a plan together step by step. This is what I’m going to do. This is what is in my control. I can network with people that went to my son’s school. I can train for this half marathon while pregnant, and I can go to the chiropractor to make sure that my pelvis can handle it. I can think of ways to increase my new monthly recurring revenue goal in ways that feel good for me. And I can every week do simple steps to make these things happen further.

Step three is then to drop the drama. This is what I really did wrong for all those years. I would do one and two. I would name what I’d want. I’d want, let’s say, 20 K a month. I would come up with a plan. I’m gonna launch this thing. And then step three for me was like, obsess over it. Put the intention in every yoga class to visualize it. Think about it while you’re on walks. Listen to affirmations around it. Meditate about it, journal about it, change your password to it. Ridiculous, obsessive compulsive attachment type behavior.

Now this is a pretty convenient set for me nowadays because my primary job, honestly, a lot of this stuff is kind of running in the background while I’m with my son. So it’s very easy for me to just make sure when I do have chances to work, be it before he wakes up or while he’s, uh, uh, napping or like right now while he’s on a walk with my husband and dog.

Um, that’s when I have time to step, put these steps into place. And then when those times end, I shift modes and I don’t really think about it. And I think that detachment allows me to really stay neutral about it and keep things moving rather than obsess over it. Psych myself out. And then if things don’t go as I thought they would think that it means I’m failing.

 Like I said, if things in my plan don’t work, then I just keep doing something else until it works. I am attached to my goals and I am ruthless about making sure that they happen. But I’m not obsessed over how they happen or whether or not they’re going to happen. And I think that that’s that. If you wanna talk about the energetics, I do think that is the big difference. Be sure that they’ll happen. Don’t be so attached to how and if they don’t happen in the way you think.

Take it as a sign that you’re failing. So to very briefly recap my three steps, if I could give you advice on making your 2024 goals come true with ease and with flow and faster than you thought would be one, name them very specifically. Don’t do this pipe dream watching someone else’s Instagram story. Wondering if or when or how it’s going to happen to you. Ew. Two, have a plan for it. And if you don’t know what you need to do to do it, hire a coach, hire a mentor, hire, um, a consultant. That’s what, that’s what those people are for. It’s not, you know, a waste of money if you actually care about something happening. 

And then three, get neutral about taking the steps and release the rest of it. The rest of your day should not be obsessed over your vision board. It really should only be something you think about when you have time to sit down and work on it.

I like having it as the background on my phone because it’s the first thing I see in the morning when I check the time and that’s when I lay in bed, lay on my prana mat and go through my day and think this is what I need to do today. 

So it is top of mind when I’m actually thinking about the steps I can take that day. But the rest of the day, it’s just not really a, a, you know, a constant. It’s not something I have a ritual around. It’s not something I’m worshiping. I’m the person like it’s me. It’s not my board, it’s me. You know what I mean? So take back the power. Know you can do this and make it freaking happen. Life is just too short. All right everyone, I hope you guys found this helpful. Send me a picture of your vision board at DM me if you listen to this episode. 

And if you wanna see a DM of my new vision board, then please feel free to message me. ’cause I’d be happy to share. Maybe I’ll share a little bit on, um, my website. All right, here is your biggest vision. I hope you have a great day.

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