February Recap: Passive Income Streams, Launch Mistakes, And The Winter Blues
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 115

This February’s recap is short and sweet because the truth is… I didn’t work all that much!

Despite it being a higher-than-average cash month (over $50k in cash), this was far from a “hustle” month for me. No big launches, my Mastermind remains closed and my private coaching remains full.

In this episode, I’m sharing the insights of a very AVERAGE month. I want to normalize that not every month or season needs to be about aggressive growth.

I also want to normalize that even in more low key seasons of life or business, you can still make more in a month than you used to in a year, with a strong strategy and passive products.

In today’s episode, I will be sharing with you:

  • Personal shares from my February; updates on parenthood, lifestyle changes to spending more time outside in Central Park each day than working, and some processing of grief.

  • Behind-the-scenes of what I’ve been casually working on and what’s been working well with sales done via DMs and improving funnels.

  • Reminders on the importance of MRR and client retention, which are so easily overlooked in the “shiny object syndrome” world we live in!

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This February's recap is short and sweet because the truth is, I didn't work all that much! Tune in to hear why an average month is okay for business!

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey, visionaries, welcome back to your Biggest Vision show. Welcome to March, literally recording this. But I’m excited to do a quick February recap. It’s probably not gonna be a very long episode because February was a pretty normal month, shorter month as always, and didn’t have a lot. I don’t have a huge lot of exciting updates.

I’ve talked about how this winter was, and has just been a more challenging one for me than I’ve had in the past. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve struggled with the darkness more than usual. I do think it’s actually been a particularly dark winter in New York. Like usually there’s at least sunny days, even if it’s cold. And this year it just felt like there’s been just so much gray, you know? And I think it has just felt so much more profound with a toddler, because I’ve talked about this before, but in the past, my winter days, more spent either working and I actually like, enjoy working in the early months of the year because the pressure and the chaotic energy from the holidays has faded away.

It feels a little bit more like hibernation work. I love kind of working on new things, releasing them in the spring, um, really putting my head down and having some quiet time. And, uh, that’s just not how my life is right now. I love being with my son, but with his naps going until usually around three, and then, you know, getting up at like three 30, it, it’s, and then it’s like dark by the time you go out and do anything. And it’s like, oh God, we have a lot of day left to, you know, and I’m, I really, really emphasize being outside. That’s like the staple of my approach to parenthood. It’s just as a default, go outside. We’re so blessed to live near Central Park, so we’re, we spend as much time there as we can and, and it’s just been harder this winter.

So anyway, this is a long-winded wave of saying that February was, February was a much better month in January. This winter really, really got to me in January. Um, February did get better, uh, but still, you know, it was more of a normal month. So I wanna just talk about some things that happened behind the scenes in my business. 

Um, some things that I think I learned, and just some lessons that I wanna reiterate. Either things I feel like I did well that I think are worth teaching, or things that I really needed to learn that I think I wanna share. Um, and just what I’m working on in this season of life and in this season of business. So, let’s see, just high level February was, I’d say the first half. I was still kind of in the winter blues. Things got better.

I ended up going down to Florida for like the third time in three weeks, um, near the beginning of February, I think like on the eighth to Tampa. I actually do this every year. I go down for, um, just one night, but it ends up being a little over 24 hours of alone time. And I plan out my business for the year, which is so nice because I just don’t really have that blank space in my life, especially being a mom without childcare.

 Uh, so that was really nice, um, really nice to be in the sunshine and just get out of, get out of the gray. And, then things started getting better. Daylight savings is this Sunday. It’s in a few days as I record this. And I’ve never been more excited for a holiday. I’m gonna throw a party.

Um, but things did, did just, did start to get even a bit better after I came back from Florida with just, you know, at least a day lasting till 5, 5:30, you know, anything but like four 30, that’s just like too much. So Tampa was nice. I also had a few VIP days with some longtime clients. That was really nice. Kind of just like Q1 VIP days with them.

 I, I really, really cherish how close I get with my clients. A lot of them are like sisters to me, good friends to me, even outside of work. And, um, so I really enjoy spending my time with them. And, and, and we have fun doing things in New York together, you know, going to fun restaurants, um, uh, working outside of beautiful hotel lobbies or coffee shops. So those were, those were big highlights of the month.

And one of the big things that happened this month was that my son went on a little toddler vacation. He went and stayed with, uh, family relatives of mine, um, who, long story short, ended up having work off for a week because they work within the school system. And it was winter break, so they had asked if he could, he got invited basically to go stay with them. I didn’t get the invite, so I went and visited my relatives with him for a night so that I could drop him off. And, um, and of course so I could see my relatives. 

But that was, it was really nice, of course, having, having a break, but it was definitely, it felt like a fish outta water. You know, I haven’t liked being in my home without my child since he was born. So, um, I was ready for him to come home, but my God, it’s crazy how much you can get done when you don’t have, uh, you know, a child to look after.

I look, it made me look back at like, my pre kid days and I was like, what did I do with all that time? But I don’t know, there’s something about motherhood that sometimes I think makes me more efficient because you have to be, like, you just have to be pickier with your time. And if you have an hour or two hours to do things, you have to just really only do what moves the needle. 

And I think before having my son, I spent a lot of time, I don’t think like lollygagging, but just I didn’t have that acute sense of what is most important, you know, and what is the absolute most valuable thing I can be spending my time on that I do now. So, um, yeah, in, in some sense it was nice. I was prepared for it. I was like, okay, I’ve got three days.

Here’s literally what I’m gonna do down to like the two hour chunk. Um, and, and we did fun things to my husband and I went and saw MJ on Broadway. We’d been wanting to see that for a while. I had seen it actually, but he hadn’t. And I’m such a Broadway fan. That’s like the only show that he had any interest in seeing that he hadn’t already seen. 

So we did that. We went downtown, we went out in the West Village for a night. Um, it was such a, you know, eye-opening experience going to a restaurant because we had heard it was good instead of like, because it had high chairs . It kind of brought us back to our, uh, you know, our younger days. Um, so anyway, that was a glimpse into my February. A little, little staycation, a little, um, Florida time.

And, um, just, I always love doing in-person things. In my business it feels like a little break from my business, but it’s also worked. So that’s, that’s always a win-win. And especially, I love, love, love doing my VIP days in New York. ’cause I, I think it’s just a way to reconnect with the city and reconnect with, um, the inspiration that the city has to offer. 

So that was pretty much what my, uh, what my February looked like on a personal level. Let’s see, getting into business, what I’ve worked on the numbers, it was a higher month in terms of our monthly cash range. So pretty much since I let go of my nanny, I’ve been ranging between 40 sometimes and then up to sometimes 60 k, um, in cash. And that, that was kind of my goal when I let her go, is, um, I’m, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m okay if I don’t make a million dollars this year.

I don’t need to make a million dollars. I would like to make a million dollars, but, um, I would like to be with my son more. So that’s my priority and how can I do that? Um, what do I, what do I really want to still be making without feeling like I’m sacrificing my business with this decision? So that was, that was my range. And uh, this month was something like a 53 50 $4,000 cash month. 

So a bit on the higher side, which I’m proud of. Um, okay, so why did that happen? Why did I surpass my monthly recurring revenue so much? Um, there’s a few things that happen. First, our passive park sales are just increasing. They’re going really well. You guys get in on this. I like it, I’m obsessed . I love having this in my business. I love teaching it to others.

And it blows my mind when people don’t implement it in their business because it’s really a low hanging fruit. Now, this is not for you if you’re new. I will say that sometimes people reach out to me and they’re like, oh, I’ve wanted to, you know, I’m a mom. I’ve wanted to start a business. Um, this looks like a good fit. It’s not, it’s not a good fit. If you don’t have a business, it’s not a good fit if you don’t already have an asset or at least an audience to sell to. 

Um, it’s a good fit if you are, you know, already in business and want to just scale a bit more and have the time and are willing to put in the effort to set this up, because it is, you do need to set it up. And that’s why I created my passive park sales cohort, because I wanted to provide a space for the course of eight weeks where you could set it up with support, because I do think that there’s a lot to navigate, some bumps in the road, et cetera.

Um, and I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a second. But anyway, my pass to park sales have gone up and I’ve just had so much fun with them. You know, like the first last year, near the latter half of the year, my goal was to make enough every month from them to put aside our monthly goal for our son’s school tuition. Um, I’ve saved up for that over the course of the year. And, uh, and we did that and we, um, hit that goal, I think at the end of December.

 So then in January, I used, um, the passive park sales money to take our family to Disney World and we did like the whole Orlando thing for a little while. Um, and so now I have a new goal and I’ll share, I’ll share that soon. I think I’m not, I’m not gonna share it right now.

But anyway, the point is it’s growing and it’s growing and it’s so satisfying to see. And it’s, it’s fun to watch. And, um, it’s fun to connect with the people who are finding me through it, and both who are finding me through the products and who are finding me through me talking about the system. Um, it’s just been a great asset to my business and it’s truly changed my life with, with how I’m able to be with, with my son and everything. 

So, um, that was the first thing is my passive park sales are growing thanks to my testing strategies, uh, which I talk about in my passive park sales cohort. So that’s another reason that my income was up a bit this month, as I opened this eight week cohort where I could work side by side with you over the course of eight weeks to build this.

Um, there’s eight, or I’m sorry, there’s five people in it. We only did five this time. I don’t know if I will do more next time. I, I wanna think about that a little bit, but I, I like how small it is because I like how I can really be in it with them. Uh, so I opened that and that also contributed to our monthly, uh, revenue this month.

 And then I also increased my passive income via my co-coach. So she signed clients, which is under my umbrella so her income goes up and so does mine. So other than the new, um, cohort that I opened with only five people, my income went up without me really doing anything. I mean, I did have to test my passive sales and, um, you know, maintain that, but I didn’t, it’s not like I had to do a big launch.

It’s not like I had to sign on, um, a ton of new clients. It’s not like I was on Zoom a lot. And I wanna really emphasize that because I feel like we are in this epidemic where a lot of business owners are becoming employees to their own business, which is like, not why we started this to begin with. Now, there are some people who want to have a coaching business that is traditional coaching. My own coach is one of them. She likes being on Zoom calls, she’s a therapist by trade. This is what she would do with her time, even if she had a billion dollars. And I think that that’s amazing. I mean, I think that that’s what this is all about is owning your time. 

But what I think happened to what I think more often happens is people end up just doing what they think they have to do to grow and to be successful without remembering to check in about whether or not this is what they really want. Um, and that’s why I wanna talk about this because I love coaching. I do, I

Love working with clients and I love sharing what I know and what I’ve learned and how I think about business. And I’m obsessed with entrepreneurship. I mean, I, I truly feel like it’s like my life’s call, but there’s other ways to do it other than feeling like you have to be one-on-one coaching people or on calls with people. There’s other ways to share your knowledge, your expertise, to talk to people, to connect with people, to support people. 

And I think you really have to fight for that uniqueness. Otherwise, what is the point? You know? And I think it can feel like, well, I don’t know how to do this business model, or what if it doesn’t work? You did not quit your job, spend money, um, risk your career, put yourself out there, do whatever really felt risky to you to start this business, just do not have it be what you want it to be. 

So keep fighting for that. And also, if that is more passive income because you wanna sell things to a wider audience, then check out my passive park sales cohort. I just created a wait list for it because, um, we got so much interest in it when I launched it last time. And I’m gonna do it again. Um, I think next month we’ll start it. 

So you can always get on the waitlist and I can help you set that up as well. Okay. I wanna talk a little bit about some things that I thought I did right this month slash that I did wrong and want to reflect on. But these are just basically lessons I think that I really, that really stood out to me this month. Okay. The first one is a little, it’s a little braggy.

It’s actually not really a brag, but it’s just not, it wasn’t a lesson I had to learn. It was a lesson that I feel like other people need to learn very, if I can say that very bluntly. And that is, we have to end the overthinking about, well, really everything, but well really everything, honestly. 

So this month at two different points, I had ideas for lead magnets that I kind of like woke up with. You know, like I had them, I think a lot in the very early mornings. I get up very early, I think a lot during that time. That’s, that’s kind of when my brain is the busiest. Um, and by the end of the day, I, they were made. Okay? They were made, they were, they had a landing page up and they had an email automation with them, with the link to it.

I cannot tolerate and do not understand the whole, it’s taking me a month to create a lead magnet thing, or it’s taking me, you know, two months to write a webinar. Look, if you don’t want to do it as rushed as I do, I think that that’s one thing. But I think a lot of times people just assume things are gonna take so much longer than they need to, or assume that they’re gonna be harder than they need to. 

And they just don’t need to be. I mean, you can always edit things, you can always revise things, you can always tweak things. You probably will anyway. So get out of your own way if you have an idea, or if you just know your business needs something. Like, if you are like, I have not grown my email list in a year, or my audience hasn’t gotten a piece of free value for me in a while, or I’ve never really given them a piece of free value, it, that, it just should take a few days.

Really, guys, it really doesn’t need to be a whole production of outsourcing, delegating, planning, outlining. I mean, it just doesn’t need to be that hard and that complicated. And especially once you have the idea, I think that that’s the main thing. I know what it’s like to be like, okay, well I know I need this thing in my business. I know that there’s this gap, but I’m just not sure how to fill it. And that can take time. 

And those, those things that frustrate me ’cause I’m such an impatient person. But once you’ve got the download, once you’ve got the idea, once you’ve got the clarity, just go, don’t overthink it. It doesn’t need to be a big, long, drawn out process. One of, one of my, um, one of my opt-ins that I created in a day was a three part podcast series.

I just outlined it on my iPhone when I woke up early in the morning when I was laying on my prana mat. And then throughout the day, even when I had my son, I just recorded it in like 10 or 15 minute increments, just free talking. I didn’t have to write a script or anything. I never do that. I’m not doing that right now. I just have an outline. 

And, um, I uploaded it. I created a simple landing page duplicating one of the ones that has performed well in the past and called it a day. So just remember that you’re, you don’t stand in your own way with how long things can take you. And don’t let yourself buy into the belief that you need a big team to execute on these things quickly or, um, it needs to be perfect to do it quickly or anything like that.

There is something to be said, especially if you are, I would say below like a half a million for B minus work . And I don’t want you to think that you should be sloppy, but perfectionism has got to go right. It’s not helping anyone, it’s not helping your audience, it’s not helping you, and it’s not helping your bank account. 

So I was just reminded this month that there’s no real reason for excuses or prolonging things that just don’t need to take longer than they need to be. Okay? Uh, another lesson I had this month that I had to learn is just to keep testing. It’s, it can be, it, it, I love it and I hate it. Honestly, I love it because it allows me to get very neutral. Um, it allows me to take the personal sting out of things not working.

And I’m, I’m a very emotional person. I do think, I do take things personally. So instead of, but testing allows me to say instead of like, no one likes this thing, no one likes my ad. No one likes this image. No one likes this email because no one likes me, which is definitely something I can fall into. I’m able to just say, oh, my numbers are showing me that this ad worked better than this ad. Let’s double down on this ad.

 Or this image worked better than this image. Let’s not use that image anymore. And it just can be very matter of fact. Um, but it has to keep going. And I think where this gets hard is you feel like, oh my gosh, I’ve done the testing, like I’ve optimized the thing, but it’s not a one. Set it in. Forget it type thing with really anything.

I mean, trends change, human behavior changes, the economy changes, customer interest changes and, and messaging changes depending on the state of the world. So it’s really a never ending process. And I think just reminding yourself that testing is a part of your daily job instead of a season, it’s kind of always going, will help you well, one, get better results, but two, stay more neutral about, um, when things are or aren’t working. 

But just to reiterate, my first point, in order to properly test, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta produce, you’ve gotta deliver. You can’t just test one thing or send one email, and then if you don’t get enough clicks or replies wondering why it didn’t work, you have to be able to have different things to test against each other, which means you have to be able to create content. All right? Another thing, uh, is that, this is kind of an alignment with that, but just, uh, a motto that I think is helpful is drama, not data, or I’m sorry, opposite data, not drama.

Okay, Um, I think that I’m not alone in taking things personally. I think we all fall into the trap of why do, why is it easier for her? Why is she making more money? Why, why didn’t I have this kind of launch? Why aren’t I making sales like that? Whatever it is. And just trying to come back to the honest answer with yourself. And it doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself or anything like that, but it just means you can bring clarity to what’s really going on, and can make a huge, huge difference. And we’ll put you back into an inspired place. 

Okay. And then finally, um, the last thing I wanna share is that, and this is gonna sound braggy, but I just wanna share it honestly to remember that things feel hard until they don’t. And I really don’t know any other way to say this other than my life just isn’t stressful anymore.

My bank account isn’t stressful, my business isn’t stressful. I’m never wondering if I’m gonna make sales. I don’t have the huge nervous system highs and lows. It’s just not like that anymore. And I think that that started with mindset work, deciding it wouldn’t be like that, and then the results followed. So it’s both a choice and just a fact. 

Uh, but hang in there, you know, keep going until that’s your reality and your reality and choose that it’ll be your reality. Um, yesterday as, as I’m recording this in, March yesterday, eight years ago, I bought the domain for my website, urban 20 something.com is what it was called. And man, what a journey it’s been, what a wonderful, amazing journey it’s been. But seeing what my life was like then, counting the dollars, not being able to afford the Starbucks, having no savings, wondering if I’d ever, when I’d walk through the streets of New York on my way to work, would I ever live in a building with a doorman?

Um, you know, when I see, when I see people with kids, how could anyone afford to live here with children? All these things that I never, I discounted for myself. I don’t take for granted that those things just don’t run through my mind anymore. And it doesn’t mean my life is perfect and I’m not the richest person in New York. God, no.

 I mean, that’s the thing about living here is sometimes I feel like I actually would feel more successful if I didn’t live here because I have made a sizable amount of money and my business has really grown to an amazing place. But it’s New York. So there’s always people that have 15 million times more than you, literally, I’m not even exaggerating. Um, but those fears, that stress that hard is gone. I don’t check my bank account out of fear anymore. I don’t wonder where the money’s coming from.

I don’t remember what it’s like to have debt. I don’t remember what it’s like to not pay off my credit card in full. I don’t remember what it’s like to feel like I might not get clients that are gone. And that has just come from me deciding that I wouldn’t worry anymore. Taking consistent action and alignment with that, dropping the worried action and allowing things to fall into place from that mindset. 

So keep going. I know everyone wants a secret, wants the shortcut, wants the, you know, formula in a bottle and there are things you can do to make this smoother, make it faster, make it better. Uh, but if you trip along yourself the whole way because you’re worried, it’s only, you’re only hurting yourself, you’re only prolonging that, that click moment for yourself. So I just wanted to share that message from the other side in case you needed that reminder because I definitely had my doubts, I had my huge skepticisms of the coaching industry.


Sometimes I thought it was all smoke and mirrors. Sometimes I thought the only people making money were the ones that were lying about how much money they were making or the ones that only taught about how much money you could make. Kind of like a pyramid scheme within a coaching business. Um, and, and that’s not true.

 But you’re allowed to be critical. You’re not allowed to wallow. So keep going and there is hope on the other side. Alright, everyone here’s to a wonderful march and daylight savings. I’ll talk to you guys very soon. Thanks so much for tuning in.

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