Scale Your Side Hustle®


About Course

Scale Your Side Hustle® is a comprehensive group coaching program designed to help you build the foundation of a six-figure (and beyond) business. We’re honored to support you.


About the instructor


Course Curriculum

Intro Materials
Welcome to your first week of Scale Your Side Hustle®! We can’t wait to get started. This week we won’t be releasing a new module but we do have some content for you that we would love for you to ponder with for the next week before we really dive into the course materials!

  • Welcome!
  • Coaching Protocol
  • Schedule
  • Taking Inspired Action
  • SYSH Alum Case Study

This month focuses on building success from the inside out. We cover: how to think like a successful entrepreneur, divorcing the 9-5 mindset, getting clear on your business mission and goals, and strategizing your business plan.

  • Making Decisions
  • Defending Doubts
  • Gratitude
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Creation vs. Competition
  • Self-Care

Business Clarity

  • Overview
  • SMART Goals?
  • Clarity on Your Desires
  • Expecting Fear
  • Non-Negotiable
  • Your Speech & Thoughts
  • Your Uninterrupted Work Time
  • Celebrating Every Success

Business’ Mission

  • Intro
  • Brain Dump
  • Your Story
  • Your Obstacles
  • Your Strengths
  • Stage Exercise
  • Podcast Exercise
  • Thank You Note Exercise
  • Problem Your Mission Solves


  • Intro
  • Who You’re Connecting With
  • Crafting the Service
  • Clarity with the Transformation You Offer and to Whom
  • Content of Your Service
  • The Logistics of Your Service

Business Strategy

  • Intro