Lori Carey, Founder of Eat and Learn​

In her own words…

“Leah has been a game-changer for my business and mindset. Before working with Leah, I was very optimist about the product I had created, but overwhelmed with the technical details, which area to focus on first for growth and which resources to invest in to align with my specific business needs.

Leah’s coaching helped me see and create a bigger vision, break it down into specific steps and hold me accountable to meet goal deadlines. Each week I felt challenged to dig deeper and fight through the unknown or the technical frustrations and exceed my goals. Each time realizing “that wasn’t so hard” and “I can do this.”

I now have a solid foundation to build upon in relation to a positive mindset, lead generation, how to stay away from the ‘shiny ball syndrome’ and stay focused on what is in alignment to grow my business.

Leah, has a genuine gift and I feel blessed she shared it with me. She knows how to bring out the best in people, stretch them, hold them accountable, all with a smile on her face in a supportive environment. Leah and her programs are a smart investment for anyone in any business that is ready to dig deep and go to the next level.

One more thing: Don’t let the name ‘Urban20something’ fool you: I’m old enough to be Leah’s mom and Leah challenged me to dream bigger, did deeper and have tunnel vision focus on steps to grow my business.”