Success Story:

Alyssa Keil
Advocacy Consultant for Entrepreneurs

In her own words…

“Hi! I’m Alyssa, an advocacy consultant for online entrepreneurs. You and I both know the unlimited power of the online business space. And I know that the greatest way to create long lasting change in the world is through consistent, tailored advocacy.”

Hear more about Alyssa’s business and entrepreneurial journey below!

Alyssa works with online entrepreneurs to develop and implement their unique advocacy strategy, so that they impact is no longer limited to their own audience.

Alyssa started her first business in January 2019 when she was unhappy at her job and looking to create something for herself. Without even knowing what type of business she would start, she enrolled in Start your Side Hustle Program. She launched her business as a money coach for millennials in the nonprofit world. In her first few months, she built her website, started an email list, and signed clients. Within the year, she was consistently hitting multiple 4-figure months. In January 2020, she launched a new program that quickly scaled to a group program in June 2020. This month was her highest earning month ever. Having all the tools she needed, she was able to make it happen while dealing with multiple personal tragedies (and a global pandemic). 

Though she loved her business, she didn’t want to go all in on it because she loved her job in the non profit sector so much. However, after George Floyd was murdered and the most recent wave of protests began, she was surprised and inspired to see so many online businesses speaking up. Seeing this led her to realize that she could combine the elements of her nonprofit career and  the online business world that she found to be so powerful. In July, she officially launched her second business as a social responsibility coach and consultant for online business owners! Take her free course here.

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When Alyssa started working with us, she was starting a side hustle from total scratch around her coveted nonprofit job in New York City.

Within a 1.5 years of starting her side hustle, she blew us away with all she did, all while working around her job:

  • Launching two different online businesses
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in social responsibility and impact
  • Seeing thousands and thousands in sales around her 9-5 job
  • Managing her business through personal tragedy
  • Supporting her family while juggling her business
  • Learning the complete ins and outs of online business from scratch
  • Launching two group programs
  • Followed her gut and did so successfully the whole time

"I've launched a new business that I'm so passionate about, making sales consistently with less effort, and so excited to take my business to the next level. " - Alyssa

Alyssa is an alum of our signature side hustle program, Scale Your Side Hustle®, where she started her online business around her 9-5. She also is an alum of our mastermind.
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Hear Alyssa share, in her own words, what SYSH has done for her business:

“I was working on a business I wasn’t in love with, struggling to make consistent sales, and holding myself back from going all in. Now, I’ve launched a new business that I’m so passionate about, am making sales consistently with less effort, and am so excited to take my business to the next level. I’ve been able to hit my highest income month yet, even while dealing with personal struggles, have been able to run my business while supporting my family, and have given myself the gift of creating something I love.”

Congratulations on all your success, Alyssa!