Side Hustle

A Side hustle is the future. For us millennials, a 9-5 isn’t enough. I mean this in every way, and this is why we need side hustles. Unlike much of our parent’s generation, we’re not okay with living for the weekends and vacation. We don’t want to be anonymous employees. As millennials, we know we have more to offer and are banding together to make our talents and passion shine.

Why we need side hustles:

  • We don’t make enough money with an average 9-5. Salaries are limited and they’re simply an exchange of time and money. We know our time is worth more than that. 
  • We have room to exercise our creativity with a 9-5. Even if we do love our 9-5, we’re still, for the most part, working a defined role. This can really limit our capabilities and creativity! We can’t let that be oppressed. 
  • It allows us to be entrepreneurs. We’ve all had those moments of wondering if we should quit our jobs and try to start our own company. What stops us? Lack of security and need for income. But! We can’t 
  • We can network and connect with others in all new ways. We have our work friends and our weekend friends. But, who do we have that’s pushing us to explore the little ideas we have that might amount to huge results? Other creatives, of course! Find them with your side hustle. 

Urban 20 Something is designed to help millennials kill it at their day jobs and rock their side hustles. Both are important. We want (and can have!) the best of both worlds. Of course, it’s not easy. But, that’s why this community exists!

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