Getting ready to travel abroad? Lucky you! You’re about to have an unforgettable experience. Here are three things I’m sure to remember to pack with me that are usually glazed over. They will make your time abroad even more memorable for you and for everyone else you meet.

Are you dying to travel abroad but just can't seem to find the money to do so? You're not alone! Traveling is expensive. But, it doesn't have to be so expensive that it should stop your adventurous soul from wandering. Click through to read these excellent tips on budget packing, including a free minimal packing list!

If you’re like most 20 somethings, you’re probably want to spend some of this fun and unique time in your life traveling. Whether if it’s to work abroad, be a tourist, volunteer, or backpack, traveling is an important thing to take advantage of in your 20s while you don’t have many responsibilities. Sadly, traveling is …

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I recently quit my job to travel even though I have no savings. I promise that it sounds more irresponsible than it is. There are definitely ways to travel even if you have no savings! Click through to learn exactly how.

I recently shared that I┬ámade a big move last week and quit my job to move to South East Asia to volunteer for a while. Often when I read stories about those who did this sort of thing online, I’d constantly leave with a big confused look on my face wondering how (but actually, how??) …

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