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Need help deciding where to study abroad? Look no further. This will walk you through how your host country can help your career further on, and how to figure out what country will best help do that. Make the most of this opportunity!

Deciding where to study abroad is no easy task. It’s extremely personal, so everyone’s situation will be different. But, after reading some truly out of whack guides online, I decided to pipe up. Deciding where to go abroad is important because it can determine the opportunities you’ll personally get from your experience. Considering the questions …

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Study abroad is an incredible opportunity for students to learn about other cultures and teach others about their own. It's also a great chance to travel, make friends, learn languages, and learn about yourself. But, there's so much more to it than that. Study abroad is more important than ever. Here's why and exactly how you can make the most of it.

When you hear the words “study abroad,” words like Nutella, wine, Skype, gelato, and H&M likely come to mind. A relaxed semester isn’t such a bad thing. College is so competitive that a semester with a laid back tone can benefit an undergraduate’s experience. However, consider the status of global politics. The benefits of studying abroad are more …

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If you’re about to study abroad, first of all, Congratulations! I am jealous of you! Second of all, you should be creating a study abroad blog. This post includes your study abroad blog anatomy checklist and suggestions for which resources to use for your blog.