Personal Branding

Personal Branding is key for the millennial generation. It’s how we can stand out and make the most of our opportunities. It’s not enough to simply have a resume and a 9-5. We need to get our names out there, make opportunities where there aren’t, and find other like-minded people to collaborate with. This is why creating your personal brand is so important and valuable. Click through to learn personal branding techniques, practices, and styles.

Some of our favorite methods of personal branding are:

Our goal is to provide actionable, clear tutorials and lessons on how to self market away. Learn how to show of your skills and make new opportunities with what you’re already given.

We've all heard about the importance and power of networking. Well, I put that advice into action and here is my most successful networking story ever. With the power of self marketing, I was able to find a job and a free place to live abroad. Score! Click through to find out how and learn how you can network like crazy, too.

I want to share with you a little story that happened to me this week about the power of self marketing. This post was originally written for Classy Career Girl. 

We can't control the power of social media. What we can control is how we use that power. We can choose to make everything private and try to avoid social media, or we can use it our advantage. This is the ultimate guide to cleaning up your social media profiles and making them work in your favor. Click through for the step by step guide to cleaning up your profiles, with checklist included!

The influence social media has had on millennials is unavoidable. It’s all around us and it’s very difficult to escape. With horror stories of young professionals getting fired from jobs because of content on their social media, it’s easy to feel threatened by its exposure potential. So, you can approach this one of two ways: maximize privacy …

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