Personal Branding

Personal Branding is key for the millennial generation. It’s how we can stand out and make the most of our opportunities. It’s not enough to simply have a resume and a 9-5. We need to get our names out there, make opportunities where there aren’t, and find other like-minded people to collaborate with. This is why creating your personal brand is so important and valuable. Click through to learn personal branding techniques, practices, and styles.

Some of our favorite methods of personal branding are:

Our goal is to provide actionable, clear tutorials and lessons on how to self market away. Learn how to show of your skills and make new opportunities with what you’re already given.

We are in the age of the personal brand. Nearly every single successful brand is growing as such because of the personal stories woven within them.  Here’s how to raise your personal brand game! New to personal branding? Check out these 9 Ways to Begin Personal Branding.

Click through to learn how to set up your own domain with Gmail! It's easy to use and great for personal branding.

Is anyone else constantly amazed at the evolution of google? (And no, I do not work for them.) Personally, I’ve found it difficult to use anything else for emailing other than Gmail, including my Outlook at work. When it came to setting up email addresses that used the domain of my personal website, I knew …

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Personal branding is more important (but more fun!) than ever. You don't have to be an entrepreneur or CEO to work on branding. This is a simple investment in your future. Click through for simple ways to begin marking yourself today.

Personal branding has become more accessible, easier, and important than ever with the emergence of technology, our digital footprints, and our quickly changing economy. Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself, your skills and your strengths. It’s exciting because it allows you to be your own brand and, in a way, your own business …

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