New Announcement & My Biggest Regret in Business
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 9

Not only will I be sharing my biggest business regret this week, I am also sharing an exciting new announcement in this episode! I don’t use the word regret lightly nor do I have many regrets (especially when it comes to business), but I do have one. This regret robbed me in the present moment and of the faith that I had in myself… Once I learned to identify it and overcome it, abundance followed. Tune in to make sure you are not in the same situation I was!

Tune in to hear:

  • An exciting new announcement for my business
  • My number one regret in business, why I regret it and how I overcame it
  • The most important lessons I learned from this regret and how it has allowed abundance to flow into my business and personal life

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Not only will I be sharing my biggest business regret this week, I am also sharing an exciting new announcement in this episode!

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Leah Gervais- Biggest Regret
Leah Gervais- Business Regret

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: So welcome everyone to what is a hybrid of an announcement as well as a little story because the two are connected and one has to do with the other and so what I wanted to share with you guys today is, well, first of all, I want to make clear what the S what the surprise is. I want to share with you that we are opening a six month somewhat version of my mastermind. So if you are one of the people that applied, but were not accepted into the last round of our mastermind, or you applied after it was full, or it had already been filled, then this is definitely something that you would be interested in. 


Or, if you have seen the results that my current mastermind is getting on my Instagram, then this is something you’re definitely going to want to listen to. You guys, probably follow me on Instagram, have seen the crazy amount of growth that they’ve been having, the crazy amount of results they’ve been able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time. Now, of course, my mastermind is a year long program, so it’s only open every year. And we realized that there’s people that want those same results that want to work with us in that capacity, and that want that kind of transformation in their life and want to do it before, you know, 2022. So this is that version of it for you- only six months, there are some differences.


This was between it and the mastermind that is a year long, but it is a higher level program than our scheduled side hustle program. So if you’re feeling like you’re ready for that next level, if you’re feeling like you’re ready for five figure months, then this is what you want to hear about. It’s called the illuminator, which I love, because it sounds like the Illuminati, but I want to tell you guys why we did the illuminator and really what you can expect out of it. 


So one of the reasons you might be here listening today is because you are curious to hear what my biggest business regret is. And if you follow me on social media, you also know that this last week has been one of the harder weeks I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been pretty open about it because it was the anniversary of my dad’s passing, uh, which is a hard enough day on its own. But for me, I definitely noticed that it triggered a lot of grief for me again. And I’ve honestly been having a rough few days. I feel better today. I feel like I’m kind of coming up for air, but ever since the day that he passed away and the following days, I just felt waves of grief really intensely again.


And I won’t go too into grief here, but one of the most spot on metaphors I’ve ever heard grief is that it feels it’s like a shipwreck. It feels like, well, first of all, it feels like the most beautiful thing just crashed, right? Like a yacht or a ship or a boat or something. You’re in the you’re in the middle of the crash when it first happens. And all you can do is try to stay above water, try to stop yourself from drowning, try to breathe, basically try to focus on your next breath. And you aren’t in a situation where you feel like you be doing a million things at once. And, you know, slowly the waves get more calm and slowly the waves kind of just become more manageable and you can even swim through them and maybe even surf through them, but the waves never totally stopped.


And so I’ve just felt a really big wave of guilt right now, or not guilt grief. I felt a big wave of grief right now. Um, it’s been really hard, you know, to be honest, it’s been very hard and I, and I’m open with it. Not because I’m trying to get attention or because I’m trying to cry for help. I have a good support system. I have prepared myself to take care of my mental health. I feel like I have to, as an entrepreneur and as someone who has, you know, over 50 clients at this point, um, I take my own mental health very seriously because I hold a lot of space for other people. And so I’m not trying to share it because I want to draw attention to what’s happening to me, or because I need help. I’m sharing it to de-stigmatize it, I’m sharing it to be honest about what grief looks like.


And to be honest, for those of you that are going through it yourself, that it’s okay. That even if it happened a year ago or two years ago, or 10 years ago, if you have those waves of grief, that’s okay. And if you have a friend that goes through grief, maybe it will help you understand a little bit more about what they’re going through. I know it’s very hard for me because I often feel like I miss that time in my life when it was the hardest, which is such a weird phenomenon, because that was such a terrible time in my life. But there was something relieving about everything being about my dad and some of the hard parts of what we go through now are that, you know, life has gone on people. Don’t ask me about how I’m feeling as much anymore about it.


People don’t really ask about it anymore. Understandably. That’s what the point I’m trying to make here. The point is, as I’m going through, as I’ve been going through this heavy wave of grief over the past week or so, and as I’ve really been feeling the intensity of it, and just try and keep my head above water again, I know that it will never be as bad as it was when it happened, partially for obvious reasons, because I will never be in the amount of shock that I was in when it happened, but also because I’ve been able to prove a lot of the fears that I have when those wave come in waves, come in very strongly wrong. 


And specifically what I was thinking about this when paddleboarding- Specifically what I remember being really hard and not knowing if I would get through when my dad first passed away or all the projections I had for later in my life about how I would get through X, without a dad, like how I would get through my wedding and not have my dad there. My now husband and I had been dating for a few years when my dad passed away. And, you know, we had talked about getting married and everything. And so that was what I definitely thought about that, you know, right when my dad passed away pretty within the first few weeks, I started realizing like, Oh my God, I’m probably going to marry this guy that I’m dating. And my dad knows him and my dad and him have a distant relationship. And all of a sudden, my dad’s not going to be there.


Like what little girl, doesn’t dream of her wedding and think that her dad’s not going to be there for it. And so that caused me a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety. And a lot of heartache was thinking about how would I handle that in the future? Bear with me guys. This isn’t all about grief. This is actually quite business related, but I just wanted to give you the example. Uh, also things like how was my mom going to handle retirement? You know, without my dad there, what’s the thread here. I was very obsessed with what would happen in the future. I was very heartbroken over how we would get through X now in this situation. Similarly, some of you know that I recently stopped drinking alcohol, uh, completely. I, my last drink was on January 1st. I think it’s been like 65 days or something like that.

And it’s been so great. And it’s been so shockingly easy. Now this might sound bad and I might get some judgment for this, but I just want to say this transparently, there were probably times in my life over the past few years where not because of dependence, but just because of habit, I might not have been able to picture my life without alcohol. That didn’t mean that that’s not coming from desperation or an addiction. You know, I don’t even care how that sounds. That’s just the truth. And where would that have come from? You know, where did those thoughts come from? They came from the anticipation of how my life would look like in the future. If I had to go through those things, they weren’t actually paying attention to the present moment. So I started realizing today as I was paddleboarding that I have a pattern here.


And I think a lot of us do this by default, we get so anxious and stressed and nervous about how we think we’ll handle X in the future that we won miss out on the present moment today. And to forget, to give as much energy toward how things could happen in the future in a more positive way as we’re giving to how it could happen in a negative way. So when my dad passed my heart and mind was all consumed with how I was going to get through the rest of my life, my wedding, my mom’s retirement. I, you know, hopefully having children one day, um, everything in my life now without my dad. And do I wish my dad was at my wedding. Of course I do. You know, I would give anything to have him at my wedding, but my wedding was still under the happiest days of my life.


I had a beautiful wedding and married the best husband I ever could’ve dreamed of. We had this gorgeous New York city wedding, and it’s not like the whole day was for not because my dad wasn’t there. It was, it was an amazing day. I really couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. Um, you know, if a year ago someone had told me that I would give up drinking completely and I would have thought, Oh my God, I just can’t imagine what I would do with my social life or what I would do. You know, when my friends or what I do on vacation, I just can’t see my life without it. And here I am, and it’s been one of the easiest things I’ve ever done now where this falls into place and where I’m guessing, some of you might be starting to resonate with this is business is how often we think and assume, how am I going to quit my job because what if I can’t pay my rent one day? 


Or how am I going to pay back my investments? Because what if I don’t make enough money back one day? Or how am I going to sell this program? Because what if I, my clients don’t love it. And then, you know, they’re upset or something like that. That is the same pattern. It is the same idea that we are putting more emphasis and energy and faith. Honestly, you’re putting more faith in what you don’t want to happen than you’re putting into what you do want to happen. And that’s my biggest regret. My biggest regret is going through any part of my life, allowing myself to fuel more energy into what I don’t want to happen, because when we do that, it’s a disk towards ourselves. It’s totally, you know, an underhanded insult to yourself because you’re not believing in yourself and the good things that you want to make happen in the future.


It’s also an insult to God or to the universe, because you’re basically putting more faith in sort of the ego way of thinking or the evil way of thinking. Honestly, then you are in the Holy way of thinking and the optimistic way of thinking in a Christ-like way of thinking. And so why do we do this? Well that’s because the majority of our society is built on fear-based ideas. And this doesn’t mean that everyone’s walking around terrified all the time. Although I would argue many people are, but there’s generational- there’s generations of embedded fear that we’re still trying to weed out within our society. That’s no one really teaches us how to do so. This responsibility is what ends up being disguised as our fear, we think that we’re being responsible by not quitting her job. We think that we’re being responsible by, you know, looking into the future where we think we’re being responsible by trying to make decisions so that we’re not in pain later on.


But really what we’re doing is just focusing on what’s what we don’t want to happen, which is undermining the faith that we have in ourselves and with our higher power. And so when we are able to shift that faith, because I want to be very clear here that your faith in what you’re in, in what you don’t want to happen, and the faith in what you do want to happen takes the same amount of effort. It takes the same amount of energy. It takes the same amount of belief. It’s just a choice. Now you might be listening to this and saying, but Leah, you don’t understand. I have all this proof that what I’m afraid of happening in the future is probably going to be that way to which I say, whatever decision you make right now is more powerful than all of the things you’ve done in the past.


So for example, I have lots of proof that I wouldn’t be able to go on happily without my dad, because I never had done it ever in my life. I never had to live a day without him being my dad ever. You know, he passed away when I was 25. So there were 25 years that I was alive. I never had to deal with that. So I had all the proof in the world that the rest of my life was going to be pretty rough. And it wasn’t because of the decisions that you make in the present moment, my decision to be happy. Again, my decision to take care of myself, my decision to get support our mental health when I needed it superseded and always will supersede anything you’ve done in the past. Likewise, I drank alcohol for 10 years. I drank alcohol frequently and socially for 10 years.


And I had times when I couldn’t have imagined my life without it. But the moment I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. That decision superseded, all the decade of drinking, it’s the same thing with business. You might be thinking, but Leah I’ve had sales and they didn’t work. Leah I’ve had launches. They didn’t work. Leah, someone didn’t buy for me, Leah, I pay for a business coach before, and it didn’t really do anything for me. 


So I know I have so much faith in the fact that this next move, this next dream, this next investment won’t work out. Won’t pay off don’t you see how responsible and being, by taking all the information you have from the past and applying it to my future. Not really no, you know, you don’t want to make foolish decisions, but you’re sort of miss interpreting things that have happened in the past with, you know, there’s a difference between things that have happened in the past, because they happened in the past through your certain decisions.


And if you make a different decision, now you can have a different outcome. That’s a different situation than what I think people are trying to do, which is make educated decisions. Now I’m all, you know, I don’t think we need to make foolish decisions. I don’t think we may need to make uneducated decisions, but we need to make empowering decisions. And when you’re betting against yourself and you’re betting against God, there’s something empowering about that. That is basically undermining your own potential as a human, as well as what you believe God or the universe is capable of. So how does this relate to the announcement that I have for you all? Well, when I started thinking more like this, which I had to do when my dad passed away and I had to do to become successful, I had to do it to get out of my nine to five.


Because if you are listening to this and thinking that there’s something in your mind right now where, you know, you want to go for something, but you’re afraid of how it’s going to happen in the future. Like, you know, you want to quit your nine to five, but you’re afraid that you won’t make enough money if you do, or you know, that you want to hire a business coach, but you’re afraid that it won’t work out the way. It didn’t last time. All of that, you know, I have those things happen to me too. I want to be clear that I wasn’t an anomaly where things just kind of, the doors just opened for me all the way, all the way I had to change, how I thought I had to shift more of my energy and focus into myself and my faith into what I wanted to happen above what I didn’t want to happen.


And when I did that, everything in my life changed. And, you know, I still get butterflies about this whole thing. That was really only three years ago at this point. And at the time, what it looked like for me was that my business started making more than my nine to five job. Then I went on to quit my job. Then I went on to have my first five figure month and my first six figure year start hiring a team. You know, now I have my own office where this is the view. And now, and then last year we started hitting six figure months. So things changed very, very quickly through being able to shift my focus onto what I wanted to happen and take action from there. And so our program, our six month program is called the illuminator because it is focused on lighting you up, you uniquely, and you specifically, so that you are putting your faith and energy and focus into yourself and into what you want to happen.


And you get out of this cycle that as I shared in the title of this has ended up being one of my biggest regrets. And I don’t use the word regret lightly. There’s not a whole lot that I regret, but I have seen how precious life is and I’ve seen how short life is. And when I go back and I think of all the worries all the times that I was anxious about the future stressed about what might happen, confused about what might go on later on. And that robbed me both from the present moment. And more importantly, from the faith that I had within myself. I do regret that. I don’t think that that’s what we’re here to do. And I know that when I’ve been able to do the opposite, when I’ve been able to hone in on myself, which is what the illuminator is about, and I’m going to talk to you guys about logistics here in just a second.


That is when my biggest dreams have come true. That is when my income has doubled. That is when miracles have happened. That is when my life has completely transformed. So I know that if I did that all the more often and all the times where I was nervous about the future, you know, reversed, and it was the flip was the opposite where it was in my faith in the future. I can only imagine, you know, where I’d be now. And I don’t regret where I am now. I couldn’t be more thankful for where I am now, but that’s my point here is like, this is one of my biggest intentions to move, to change for my future, because I know that when we can get this right, nothing can stop. You, nothing can stop you. The impossible becomes possible. Miracles happen everywhere. You are all of a sudden who you have the most faith in, in the world, which is how it’s supposed to be.


So the illuminator is six months of intimate coaching and creation to illuminate. And again, I like it, cause it sounds like the Illuminati to illuminator your biggest competitive advantage, which is, and has always been and will always be yourself. And when you start focusing more on, I’m making the most of yourself, I’m actually writing a whole book on this, you guys. So those of you who joined this program are going to get like, you know, the most inside, um, kind of coaching on, on this whole concept when you do that, that is when your fears have a lot less of a chance of happening. So this program is powerful, not just because of the mindset shifts I’ve been talking about here, the choice to, to shift into faith rather than to believe in your fears. Yes. That is a mindset shift. Yes, that’s powerful.


Yes. I hope you take this with you the rest of the day and hopefully the rest of the week after we get off of this, but the things I teach you to do and the actions I help you take in it, make it so much easier for you to have to consciously make that choice every day, because it starts becoming second nature. You start having proof that you are so much more powerful than your fears are, and that you are your best bet and your biggest investment and your own competitive edge. And so that happens through your energy, through your marketing, through your business, work, through your internal work or your personal development. There’s a few kind of tiers that I really hone in on. I think my mastermind right now is experiencing a lot of that. I mean, I can’t even tell you guys what I’m seeing in my mastermind, like odd-defying results, just a little tangent here.


One of our members, she just had, she just exceeded a thousand email subscribers. She started really aggressively growing her email list like a few months ago, and now she’s over a thousand and, uh, same with another one. I think she’s at like 700 and we just started growing her email list when she did scale your side hustle in the fall. Um, I think she started in like October. So in just a few months, you know, they have these huge email lists. Um, one of our members is about to hit 15, came up and she has like 2000 followers on Instagram. So, you know, so often we think that we need to have these huge statistics, these huge numbers, this huge history, like none of them have been in business for over a year. I don’t think maybe one of them, um, they’re selling three, four, $5,000 one-on-one coaching packages all the time.


I mean, weekly, you know, we have people in there that have sold one a week after like months of stagnation before they joined the program. And that’s because they are doing all of the work around making themselves their own best competitive advantage and making themselves their own best asset, which is what I teach them to do. And that’s what I’m going to teach. Those of you who are in the illuminator to do as well. So logistically just a few notes. It is six months of support. It starts in mid may, but we are enrolling early bird now. So isn’t something you want to delay on because this will fill up just as our mastermind always does. Um, and I will cap it because part of it is about how great the community is and how,


You know, how I’m just intimate. The community is just a second. Just wanted to update the post here. So everyone knows that I’m talking about our new mastermind at this point, but if you missed the beginning of this, I encourage you to watch it.


And so it’s specifically designed to go through mid may, but we, yeah, and we’re starting to onboard at the end of April. So we’re enrolling people now, uh, through the end of, or through, through mid-November. So that’s designed to end before the holidays. So basically you have the latter half of the year, but then you also have the holidays, which I, I know I would appreciate it. So that’s why we did that. 


You get three coaching calls per month and a private Voxer channel, which is really where a lot of the magic happens in my mastermind now that, Oh my God, it’s so cool to watch. They’re like all best friends. Um, they’re all really close. And that’s really where they have kind of that constant support, which is how they really been able to change how they think, and which is why they’ve been able to get the results that they have.


The illuminator has two retreats. So the first one we were doing virtually, for those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my co my current mastermind, my year long mastermind. We did a virtual retreat with them in January because of COVID obviously we’re supposed to do it here in Miami, but we ended up doing it in, uh, we ended up doing it virtually. It was fabulous. We got everyone five star hotel rooms, um, within driving distance of where they live. So they were still able to have that retreat experience. I did not want this to be a situation where you’re supposed to have this in-person retreat. And then it’s just like another day on zoom. I know so many of us had so many of that in 2020. So no it’s meant to be away from your home in a beautiful space where you feel really inspired, where you can still experience the retreat like community.


You just will not be getting on planes. So we’re doing the first one of that in June. And then we are doing an in-person one tentatively in LA in November, which I’m super excited about. I’ve already got the house picked out and it’s going to be incredible. And I think the retreats are one of the strongest parts of this whole opportunity is that people end up getting to be together. And that’s really how a lot of the relationships form. And that’s really where I see a lot of just huge ideas formed and not only formed, but because of what I teach in my masterminds and because of how we focus so much on everything I’ve been talking about here, you execute on them. They’re not just ideas. Ideas have been saying this for a few months. Now I’m really into this concept… ideas aren’t that great.


And I don’t mean that to say that, like, if you have a great idea, it’s not important. That is valuable. And that’s super exciting, but ideas aren’t that original anymore. What really makes people stand out are the people that execute on their ideas. I saw Bethany Frankel talking about think it was the Winkle boss, is that their names, uh, twins who have sued Facebook, you probably saw them in the social network. They claim that they came up with the idea for Facebook and Bethany Frank was like, sweet, no one cares. So you probably could come up with the idea, but you didn’t create it. Similarly, Sarah Blakely, many of us are obsessed with her. She’s like a powerhouse female entrepreneur who invented Spanx and there’s people all over the internet that say that they actually thought of Spanx. So they thought of an idea to cut off your pantyhose way before she did.


And it’s like, okay, no one actually cares that you thought of the idea that people care about who invented it. And it’s, so that is a really key concept. And that is why my masterminders see such results because through accountability, through the coaching and through strategies, I’m able to teach them. Not only do they have ideas, but they execute on them and they create them and they bring them to life. And that is why they get the results that they get. So here is what you can expect kind of four facets from this six-month mastermind. The first is obviously in depth mastermind training. So this is just pure coaching with me. Those of you, um, who have coached with me, I’m trying to think of where people would have at this point. Some of you maybe have been in scale, your side hustle. I do, you know, I do some in there.


So you know, a little bit about how that goes. Um, maybe a few of you had done other programs with me, but there’s really, I don’t mean to say this terribly arrogant plea, but there is it’s, it’s something you don’t experience until you experience it. It’s, um, it, it works, I guess, is just where I’ll kind of leave that. And I know what my masterminders have told me has really been great with them in this cohort so far is how I have this one balance of the strategy. And obviously what actually is going to make your business grow. I always say strategy got me to six a year and my energy got me to a six figure month. So it’s the combination of the two it’s the strategy, but then also the metaphysics behind it, understanding universal law within it, really getting clear on the inherent truths around entrepreneurship and the work that you do because that understanding supersedes all strategies, honestly, um, you know, it, it, it supersedes all platforms.


And by that, I mean, I’m not here to teach you how to make a hundred thousand dollars on Instagram. I’m here, how to teach you how to I’m here to teach you how to make a hundred thousand dollars selling something that impacts people. And when you learn it that way, I don’t care if you do it on Instagram, I don’t care if you do it on Facebook. I don’t care if you do it at your neighborhood bar, you can do it anywhere. And that’s why it’s so powerful because it transcends a single platform. 


So that is in-depth mindset, training and coaching that you’ll get from me in this illuminator program. The next thing that you’ll get that I really want to pull out is kind of playing off of this, but you’ll get advanced sales trainings. So if there’s any sort of antsiness or questions or anxiety that comes up around sales for you, this is the mastermind for you because I especially focus on this and especially take out to get clear on how you sell and understanding sales, again, that transcends any platform, any community, and also transcends what you’re selling, because, well, I’m not going to get too deeply into it because, um, it’s obviously a very long conversation and something that I have a whole program on service-based sales, which you get in this, uh, in this mastermind.


So if you never want to be nervous about selling again, never want to wonder where sales are coming from. Again, this is something that I would highly consider because it really will change the game for you. You know, I think there’s a lot of schools of thought out there that think if you know, sales entrepreneur or not, you’ll never really worry about money. Um, everything in life is a sale, basically. And I agree with that train of thought. So, um, I’m very grateful that this is a big part of what I do and what I teach and what my clients see. The next thing you can expect is a lifelong community. Uh, the masterminders get very close. They refer to each other. They are each other’s guests on each other’s podcasts. Sometimes they help each other with certain projects. They promote each other. They really are in each other’s corner permanently.


And, um, I love the concept that Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich, which is that a mastermind is not just when, in this case, you know, a group of minds come together. Let’s just say two as the number. It’s not just when two minds come together, it’s an invisible third mind that is created through the combination of the two minds, which is exactly what this mastermind is all about. There’s kind of that additional thought happening within that, where you get even more ideas than you could have imagined. And finally, this is designed for you to make the investment back. You know, I get it. It’s not always, uh, I don’t want to say it’s not always easy spending money because at this point in my life, it is very easy spending money, but it wasn’t always, and it’s not always clear if what, you know, what is the right investment for you, or if this is the right investment for you, or if it will pay off.


And I get that. So I want to be very clear that this is designed for you to make it back. Uh, that is the definition of an investment, but I don’t think that all investments actually carry through when they call themselves an investment, which isn’t always the fault of theirs. But my point is, we’re intentional about that. You know, we’re here to help you make the money back, that this costs and get this, not only do you then know how to make it, you can make it back again and again, and again, literally thousands of times over. 


And that is how your income will grow exponentially and infinitely. So just to be clear, I want to just summarize all that this includes. And if you’re interested in learning more about this, then I’m hosting a free informational call on it on Friday. So I’ll put the link for that in my Instagram bio, as well as in the show notes for this podcast episode, and you can sign up no strings attached, it’s totally free to join.


It’s just meant for you, if you want any more information, if you have any questions that you need answered around it, if you want to hear some stories of those who have already, um, or who have, you know, become mastermind alumni in the past, or who are currently in our mastermind and see if you fit in with that, I think that that’s a really great way to get more info on whether or not is right for you. So this includes six months of coaching. This includes a virtual retreat, an in-person retreat. And in both of those situations, all of your lodging is paid for in the in-person retreat. All of your food and drinks are paid for, um, in the in-person retreat. You just need to pay for your flight, but flights are crazy cheap right now. Service-based sales, my incredible sales training is included a year of my virtual visionaries membership, which is our laptop lifestyle.


Entrepreneurship membership is included and a private Voxer channel, which is included. So I have the value for all of that individually here. I didn’t add it up beforehand, but it’s looking like it’s around $50,000 or $60,000 in value. And it is not nearly that much of an investment at all. So if you are interested in hearing more about this, you can DM me, um, or, and, or you can come to our info call on Friday, March 12th. Um, but do not delay in signing up for this because this will fill up just like our mastermind always does. And those who do decide to enroll in this who are accepted into this, we’ll see a transformation and a breakthrough in their business that gets them through a different level to which they will never be back down to where they are now.


This is about sustainable, long-term no shortcut, true growth and transformation. Those of you who follow me at all know how obsessed I am with transformation. And largely that circles back to what I started this with, which is the passing of my dad, how much that impacted me and how much it woke me up to the phrase. Life is not a dress rehearsal, which we’ve all heard. I sat in an Instagram post today. We’ve all probably driven by a car that had that as a bumper sticker or read it on a high school graduation pamphlet or something like that I had. But when I saw my dad’s life completely disappear overnight out of the blue, never got to talk to him again, completely saw him miss out on all the things that he will. Um, all of his kids’ weddings, all of his grandkids, the rest of his life with his wife.


And I’m not trying to get too sad here cause he really had an amazing life and it’s not like I’m dwelling on all the things he’s missing, but I am hyper aware of how unaware we all were that he was going to miss those things and how glad I am that he did have such a good life and how I was not living as if the day was my last, when he passed away. And that’s why I transformed my life. And I really, really did. I mean, I can’t even recognize how it was three years ago. 


I was in a job that was, I was lukewarm about, I was making, you know, a non-profit salary in New York City. I never really felt like I had enough. I didn’t really love what I did every day. I just wasn’t living in my full potential. And honestly, all of my energy was going to be grateful for what I had instead of working toward what more I could do and thrive so much of what I now teach through these exact same mindset tools through these exact same shifts, these exact same strategies, these exact same approaches.


That is why my life looks the way it does now. And I’m not trying to brag about my life. Um, because I know that the way I live might not be for you. And I’m not trying to say everyone should live the way I do or should have the business that I do or should have the income that I do. You get to choose. What’s right for you. But so many of us are not choosing so many of us are just allowing just in the passive mode of what our life is and could be. That’s the problem.


Being grateful for what you have and wanting more are not mutually exclusive. And I don’t think that we, as women are taught that enough and the ability to today say, I am so grateful for wear I am. I’m so grateful for where I’m at in my business or my life or with my income or wherever you are. And I’m ready for more. I’m ready to transform. I’m ready for my life to look different than it is now. That is who this program is meant for, because that is who will be able to say yes to both to see the results in both and who will truly be able to transform their lives. So if you guys have any questions, let me know, but that is my share for you. That is the truth of my biggest regret. And I hope that there’s something that you can take away from my story that helps you today decide to put more faith in yourself and what you want then in your fear. So I will talk to you guys soon. Here is to your biggest vision.

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